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What is psychology? Psychology is the study of the the human mind and behavior. As a psychologist you learn what motivates a person to do act a certain way as well as the patterns of those behaviors. The career is able to help you understand our interactions with others, how we view and perceive things, and the way we think and understand while in an environment or while interacting with people. Psychologist is a career that interests me as a future job because its so fascinating understanding why we think and behave a certain way.

I feel like the career will benefit me in a way because i’ll be able to understand people more efficiently and I feel like that’d lead to better relationships with friends and family. I will also be able to better perceive myself as well as my behavior, psychological and emotional patterns.

Psychology is a captivating job but also requires a lot of education depending on what field of psychology you want to focus on.

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It is recommended to get at least a master’s degree that takes about 2-3 years and this gives you a broad introduction on the field of psychology. If you decide to continue your education and obtain a bachelor’s degree that will take about 4-5 years and it will help you better understand psychology at a different level, like the understatement of human emotions, learning and behaviors. Although not everyone studying psychology goes for the doctoral degree which takes about 4-7 years, it is recommended because you’re able to get your license and become a certified psychologist.

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Although you are still able to practice psychology without a license. People usually spend about 8-12 years in higher education becoming a psychologist.

Psychologist earn a decent salary for an average working person but it is all depending on the schooling and education you get. Salaries are mainly based on the specialization within the field, location, and years of experience as well as other factors that should be considered. An average entry-level psychologist make up to $66,575 a year or $32.87 an hour. Salaries can range, the best paid 25% earned an estimated of $111,560 a year while the lowest 25% can make $70,410. Those with a higher level of education are those in the upper range of the salary scale. To become a clinical psychologist you need to obtain a license. In order to acquire one, you must complete at least 8-12 years of school. Although not all psychologist are licensed, it is better to work towards getting a doctoral degree because it’s a huge benefit later in life. It is mainly beneficial later in life because of the money you’ll be making and having a license allows you to be an independent psychologist or one who works in a clinic.

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