What Is Popular Culture Essay

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What Is Popular Culture

Before I define the word popular culture, I would like to breakdown both word. The word popular means liked, admired or enjoyed by many people or a particular person or group. As for the word culture means the arts and others manifestations of human intellectual achievements regarding collectively. Now to give my personal definition of the meaning “popular culture” would go like this. Many things that are liked and praised upon in the culture/generation that we currently live in. When time changes, so does our culture. And when our culture changes, then the things we like or is interested in changes also. Out with the old and in with the new.

The popular culture term can be used in many factors. It could be present in the style of clothes we wear, the type of music we listen to or many other factors. Popular culture could also be something that was in the past that has been brought back and reinvented. Another way to describe the term could also be out with the one and in with the new. For example, in the 1950’s, Western movies were very popular in that time.

The films were adored by the culture it was presented to. And now in 2012, films are geared towards more action, suspense and special effects. That’s what our culture likes. Look how the empire of the trademark “Batman” is portrayed since its release. We have went from a TV that had word like “POW” and “BANG” flash across the screen which was cheesy at the time but liked to “The Dark Knight Returns” where instead of it being cheesy, it has a more real life feel to it. From the characters looking cartoonish to us connecting with them as human being. From a cheesy two shot of Batman and Robin sitting in the bat mobile to the bat mobile being a actual character by having movement such as flying, shooting and etc.

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