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The definition of Genres in Merriam-Webster is “a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content”(Merriam Webster). Popular media such as film relies in a set of genres, in order to establish a narrative framework for the audience to understand in the film. In such case, genre can be seen as a informal set of convention, rules, references and setting that apart within a particular tradition of similar film. For examples, genre would tend to have; the characteristic setting or a period in time, the recurring use of stock characters, use of stereotype, icon or props, represtivative content and subject matter, technical, music and audio help it enhance or emphasizes to various characteristics to advance the plot of create a mood of the character to further gain attention from the audience.

Genre in cinema, provide a convenient way for script writers and producer, to bring in their cast and structure their perspective narratives within a reasonable management, having a framework that is well defined.

Giving the audiences satisfaction, expectation, and predictable choices. Having many main film genres for the audience to watch and enjoy. Making people to watch the film that they prefer to see, having my own choice of genre that I enjoying watching. Choosing Western as my prefered Genre, to write about due to what the film offer us. Western films or “Horse Opera” was one of the greatest genre of the United States of America film industries, having to be a nostalgic eulogy to the early days of the expansion of unsettlement American frontier .

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Having western film to be of the the oldest and most continuities and flexible genres.

During the early era of the silent film era and the era in the 1930s, American film industries to focuses the art of the frontier in the west, that existed in North America. Western genre tends to portray of American taking over and settling into the west frontier wilderness and the subordination of nature. The setting of the wilderness west frontier have lonely isolated forts, isolated homestead, house ranch, jail house, saloon, animal stables, small town, and ect. Native American people and villages are included in the western front due being push inward in the west from their previous home in the east. Other iconic feature of elements in the western front includes of trains, horses, saddle, hats, bandana, lassos, weapons, cantee, stagecoach, and ect.

Having these to be the reason why western film genre was one of the greatest. Western Films genre, mostly portray the early time when the American, conquesting the west romantic, sweeping frontinter landscape or rugged rural terrain and glorifying the values of the west. Yet over time in the western front in film injuries, became a rebirth to where redefined, reinvent, expanding, dismissing, and to re discover again of the western front for the new generation. Having two films that stands out in the western film genre. In 1902, a film called The Great Train Robbery, written by Edwin S. Porter was the first American Silent short western film during the development of Hollywood studio production system. The short film show how a group of bandits rob a train, and try to get away from it but at the end they all were killed. The film itself was popular because of the technique of cross cutting, in which two scenes are shown to be occurring simultaneously but in different location. An example when two bandits enter into the telegraph office, to force to stop the train and give a different order. While that scene as film, the background show another film of when the train arrive.

Another techniques that this film used is color, where editor will paint the image in the film, one by one for each slide. An example of this was the little girl with the red dress coming in the office and set free of the men who was tied up and as well the women dress were color during the dancing scene. Even though it took time and money to paint each motion picture for a scene, but it really stand out to the audience because the color itself stand out to the rest of the scene. Having the film being shot in one reel, 10 min long, with unique shots. Yet due to the early day of the silent era and technology was still new back then this film was recorded on the East Coast of New jersey than being on the western from. In 1939, a film called Stagecoach a western genre directed by John ford and starring John Wayne a iconic cowboy figure of western film, having this film to be a turning point of western genre. Creating a new kind of western film, having the film with a B film action, epic scope and an intelligence emphasis on the character and mood in the film.

Stagecoach, film starts off with a group of nine people who rides on the same stagecoach, traveling through a dangerous terrain, having The Apache tribe, killing anyone who transpass their territory. Having Native American seen as savages and killer in the Western genre having some racism towards them. Each of the passenger in the stagecoach have their own purpose of traveling, having everyone to help each other to survive. The film till today became important to the film industries because of the recognized work of the western genre, having the story full of sub genre such as action,battle, comedy and drama having their iconic shots of monument valley of the film location in southwest of Arizona, to the Utah border. Such example of this shot of the monument valley shot in the Iverson Ranch, in Chatsworth California a location for which the film injuries own to record and at the end of the sense to where John Wayne and Claire Trevor leaving the town of Lordsburg, located in the southeastern New Mexico use the Monument Valley shot. The western film genre is a classic genre where their goals of providing story of cowboys and gunfight between good and bad. Having iconic feature of elements of weapons, horses, stetson hats, bandannas, cowboy boots and ect.

As well have iconic setting of rail road train, jail house isolated forts, isolated homestead, house ranch,, saloon, animal stables, small town, and ect. Portraying the early time when the Americans were pushing into the west, conquesting and making settlement in the western frontier wilderness. Making this genre a popular genre to the film industries for which today film industries tend to create film of the western genre. As well in video game were people can feel the experience of a point of view of the character living in a iconic western frontier.

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