What Is Normal?

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What Is Normal?

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel”, this was mentioned by Melissa Etheridge, a famous American signer who lives a life with cancer. Although she may look different due to the lost of her hair, she always celebrates her individuality. Melissa Etheridge and I have something in common; we’re both unique in our own way. Ever since I was born, I was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a disorder that stays with me for the rest of my life. It is my companion. I’m able to visualize the world differently than others. My imagination is beyond ordinary, and my curiosity is unlimited. I’m never afraid to challenge my teachers’ ideas and take a stand for my own beliefs. Although many people view me differently, I believe that my uniqueness makes me stronger as an individual. While many people see ADHD as harm, I always see it as a privilege.

During my Kindergarten year, I discovered a special talent that many of my friends didn’t have, a talent of drawing. I enjoyed every moment of it, from sketching a tree to the enormous statue outside my schoolyard. My advantage of having ADHD helps me to have a high amount of imagination and an ability to think outside the box. During my art class in fifth grade, I was assigned to draw my friend. I was able to put every detail of my friend’s face down onto the paper. My drawing was colorful and exceptional. Although many people think I have a disadvantage due to my disability, to me I’m honor to have it. In addition to having an artistic mind and an enormous amount of imagination, I also believe that ADHD have provided me with another rare ability, an ability of being joyful.

I enjoy laughing with my friends, jogging with my family, and sharing stories with my teachers. While many teenagers are going through different stages of emotions, I usually find myself to be in a happy mood. When I was in middle school, many of my classmates were full with stress due to schoolwork, while I was enjoying telling jokes and studying at the same time. Never in a day have I ever regret of having ADHD. It helps me appreciate my life. It’s my helper.

Throughout the years, many researchers have claimed that ADHD is a disadvantage disorder to have. However, I consider ADHD to be the best part of my life. My disorder has helped me become an active person physically and mentally. From drawing pictures to telling stories, I did it all. Every now and then I asked myself, “Why would you try to fit in when you were born to standout?” I have always known the answer all along. It’s best to be who you are.


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