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What is National Honor Society

Becoming a member of the National Junior Honor Society which has the abbreviation NHS and NJHS is a significant event for each high school student in America. This organization is founded to recognize those students who have outstanding results in their academic development. There are four main aspects which are examined before accepting new members of Junior Honor Society: studying progress, volunteering, leadership qualities, and character traits. It means that it is not enough to be a straight A-student to join in the NHS high school organization. You have to be a versatile person who is ready to take the initiative.

The JNS is the biggest organization which functions worldwide. It can be found in Puerto Rico, Canada, Asian countries, different States of America. The values of this society are appreciated all over the world, and it shows that this academic institution refers to individuals of various universities and nationalities. The leaders of the group are responsible for organizing annual gatherings where they discuss the current affairs and think over the strategy of JNS.

There are four pillars which make up the Honor Society NJHS main values: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Some of those specifications may differ, but the main criteria remain the same. Only those who have an average grade of higher than 85 percent can participate in this academic competition. This percentage is equal to B or 3.0 of the 4.0 scale. Also, the committee counts the number of hours spent in the volunteer work as well as the leading roles of the person in his group or school. High school students have to show their input into the community service improvement. If individuals show positive results of these four main criteria, they will be invited to become members of this noble community.

The motto of the NHS says that nobility obliges, meaning that its members have specific responsibilities when they join the community. They have to attend meetings, take part in projects which have a social implication, continue to fulfill other requirements. If teenagers succeed in completing all those tasks, they get special grants and additional scholarships. It is excellent motivation for teenagers to study harder, improve personal leadership qualities, participate in volunteer activities. It is great that such communities exist because students learn that their efforts will be always rewarded.

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