What is Multicultural Classroom?

Multicultural classroom is the acceptance of all races, religions and cultures by the teachers and the students. As the word multicultural suggests, it means ‘relating to or containing several culture or ethnic groups within a society. In this era of globalization, multiculturalism is a very common existence in a classroom. Hence, it is a norm in most classrooms and teachers as well as students has come to accepting the occurrence of multicultural classrooms.

The lesson which are taught by the teachers, the books that we read and the activities which are conducted is the proof of this acceptance.

The appreciation and capitalization from the staffs and students on diversity enriches the overall learning experiences. As diversity is an important element in a multicultural classroom, teachers as well as students must be tolerant and sensitive to each others needs and beliefs. They must also ensure no discrimination is carried out and everything is done in a fair and orderly manner.

The importance of multiculturalism is it helps to understand about one another and to learn the histories and the contributions of diverse groups.

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It is crucial that in order to become productive citizens, we must have the ability to live in harmony with all the various cultures, ethnicity and religions.

Moreover, it helps us to become great communicators as we communicate with various races. As communication skills are important in every child’s life, this is a factor for the importance of multiculturalism. Besides that, it teaches the students not to discriminate an individual based on his or her culture, race, religion or any other differences that he or she might have.

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A multicultural classroom would enable the cultivation of numerous moral values such as tolerance, respect, accepting one’s uniqueness as well as the willingness to embrace diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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