What Is Memory, and What Role Does It Play in Slum Dog Millionaire Essay

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What Is Memory, and What Role Does It Play in Slum Dog Millionaire

The word memory means what thought you have experienced. It’s probably the most important mentally ability a human possesses, and it that who define a person from birth to death. In this movie, memory is the most important tool for Jamal Malik, to answer the questions to “who wants to be a millionaire. ” The memories or as they are presented in the movie, flashbacks, comes chronological as the story moves forward.

These flashbacks, is related to each question. For in each flashback Jamal remember one person, a song or other different things that finally lead him to the right answer. Most of the flashbacks are experienced with Jamal’s brother Salim and the girl he loves, Latika. Salim and Malik were orphaned at a very young age, where things have happened to Jamal which easily could have caused him mentally instability, and quick giving up.

Instead, his memory is his ultimately weapon, which is the momentum that ensure him a stable mentally environment, which ultimately is the main reason to the success he finally achieve at the end. But after he answers the most of the questions, Malik get detained and interrogated by two police officers, who suspect him of cheating, because they can’t believe a simple “slum dog” with almost no education, can know so many answers. The movie takes big themes and messages to use, when this “slum dog” against all odds, wins 20 million rupees.

Did he cheat, was he lucky, is he a genius or was it written. I believe the last answer, is what the director tries to build the plot on. Furthermore the movie takes memory as the most important approach to this plot. For as Malik said: “I didn’t guess those answers. I knew them. ” But how could he know the answers? Wasn’t lucky that he experienced all the questions? It does all depend of how one chooses to interpret the story, because there are lots of people who win these large sums of money, for example at a quiz show, because they are lucky.

But to be so lucky as Jamal, can then be discussed, because if it is something that has been written, it can be interpreted as something supernatural, and thus moves the genre itself more away from the material, to something more supernatural. As I said, is it the memory who has all the credit for the success that accrue Jamal, but it’s probably very fortunate that he sees exactly what he was being asked for. So it is very difficult to give a specific answer. Knowledge is also a very important factor, when we talk about memory. Maybe is that the key.

After all, I don’t think that a quiz is so much a test of knowledge as a test of memory. For without memory you can’t answer anything right. So if we see it in the big picture, Jamal Malik won this contest because he was able to answer correctly the quiz shows questions with real-life events. He had, in fact, turned memory into knowledge – and the most unbelievable of all – he prevailed. Maybe it was luck, which gave him the right questions in the game show. But it was memory which gave him the answers. So without it, he will be lost.

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