What Is Medical Technology All About Essay

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What Is Medical Technology All About

Just when I checked the traffic to my blog today I noticed that one of them is the google search result with keywords “medical technology course what is it about?”. Hmmm.. it really sounds familiar, because everytime people ask me what my bachelor course is and I tell them that it’s bs medical technology, they either do not know what medical technology do or never even heard the course at all. Usually I tell them that it is better known as clinical laboratory science (which more than half of them still do not know what is it), which means that the medical technologist usually work in clinics and hospitals laboratory. We are the one who check all patients’ body fluids such as blood, urine, stool, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), seminal fluid, synovial fluid, etc.

Most of the person who ask me will then remember one or several times in their life where they went for check up to laboratory, so at this point they usually already get what medical technologist do. It is forgivable that most of the people do not know what medical technology is or what medical technologist do. Because in fact, the medical technology students do not know what their course is all about till they are in clinical division. During the first and second year of the course, medtech students are still just like any other science course students. In AUP, medtech students is even more like nursing students because of the many similarities in classes requirement. I’m not sure in other college and universities, but I believe it won’t differ so much because of the regulated national Philippines curriculum. Back to the question, what is medical technology?

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