What Is Meant by a Whats More B Essay

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What Is Meant by a Whats More B

When the phrase “A, What’s More B, comes to mind one may quickly think of the word parallelism.” Parallelism is the joining together of related ideas to form a complete thought” (Fields, 2008). Additionally, parallelism relates to the written communication between the phrases of poetic lines which are found in certain books of the Bible. Many examples of parallelism are found in the books of Proverbs and Psalms. When one completes a parallelism it is then referred to as a line. Each of these lines must include at least two or more poetic phrases and or colons. “Lines in this case are referred to as bi-colon and tri-colon, the first colon is referred to as “A” and the next line is referred to as “B,” generally, the second phrase carries the first thought forward in a more detailed way. Today’s understood pattern of interpretation is A, what’s more B” (Longman, 2010).According to Fields, (2008), “The number of lines in a thought unit is determined by the lexical (meaning) content of the lines.” Referring back to the question at hand which is; “What is meant by the phrase “A” What’s More “B”? This phrase is simply a pattern used to interpret. One may quickly reference this fact by reading some of the poetry that is written in Hebrew Bibles. A few examples of the usage of this biblical poetry patterns are listed below. My first example comes from the book of Psalms. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalms 119:105). This verse can easily be written in parallel form such as; your word is; 1.A lamp to my feet

2.A light for my path In this example notice that the word lamp and light are paralleled as are the words my feet and my path are. My next example comes from the book of Proverbs, “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart” (Proverbs 3:1). This verse may be written in parallel form as follows; 1. My son, do not forget my teaching

2. But keep my commands in your heart
In this verse we see that the words my teachings are paralleled to the words my commands. “Poetry is the type of literature which uses concentration literary devices to embellish the author’s message in a way that is memorable” (Fields, 2008). In conclusion, the author of this paper has explained to the best of her knowledge what is meant by the phrase, “What is Meant by “A” What’s More “B,” as well as has given a few examples of verses from the Bible broken down into parallelism as they refer to the connection of the different poetic lines.

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