What is Love Essay

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What is Love

Love is one of the greatest gifts that were given to mankind. Love is a word whose definition is as broad yet it’s understood. As simple as the word Love may seem; to define it may be one of the most difficult things to do. People express Love differently as we seen in the four speeches from Phaedrus, Pausanius, Eryximachus and Aristphanes. Phaedrus who is considered to probably be least inexperienced than the others because he is the youngest of the speakers expressed a few valid points in his speech when it came to what he felt defined what Love is. Love is a Great God. When a person loves he/she would do anything in their means to show it for example being a positive role model and showing them what to do and what not to do. You would never allow your loved one to witness any shameful acts. You would go to any measure to protect them if they are in harm’s way even if it means sacrificing your own life.

It’s human nature to demonstrate these types of characteristics naturally for someone you love. This type of behavior is unconditional. Although Phaedrus stated within his speech that true love could only be between an older man and his younger counterpart. I have discovered a few contradictions. Phaedrus states no one would die for you but your lover even if she is a woman. Alcestis proved that she was willing to die in place of her husband which is considered true love. In society today people love unconditionally despite if your male/male, female/female, even though the politically correct way is male/female. Pausanius also agrees that Love is Godly like. He states that there are two types of Love there is good love know as heavenly love and bad love known as common love.

What your intentions are rather it is a physical attraction or intellectual would determine if it’s good love or bad love. The question is who determines what considered good or bad love. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to love someone who you’re physically attracted to and who has intelligent? Eryximachus also stated that he to feels as though Love is that of a God. Eryximachus agreed with Pausanius that Love in deed has a good love and a bad love however it’s jointly. Love is more than what mankind experiences it’s within the whole universe, animals, plants, all living things. This would explain why someone could love their animals as if it were their child or how a dog protects its master as if it were their child/partner. Love isn’t just emotional or just physical. Love is good for your health, body and soul.

Eryximachus states that Music is like medicine and music is simply the science of the effects of Love on Rhythm and harmony. Aristophanes the last to give his speech touched basis of emotional aspects over all the other speeches. It related to modern living today how we as a society translate Love. Aristophanes states while each of us is technically born as a whole we are only half of ourselves until we find our other half. That love is the name for this wholeness, and the desire to be complete. Love fulfills us, when we love we are happy and at ease without Love even if we the wealthiest person alive you would not be happy. Each Speech given had some valid key points along with some points for argument. Everyone interprets Love differently. Love may be different from your love. Some people Love for many different reasons it’s up to you to understand who you are and what your wants and desires are and what makes you happy.

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