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What is Junk by Melvin Burgess Essay

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Junk is a hard hitting novel by Melvin Burgess. Tar Loves Gemma, but Gemma doesn’t want to be tied down – not to anyone or anything. Gemma wants to fly but no one can fly forever. The life of Tar Is not good, but Gemma thinks her life is so bad as well but it is not. Gemma’s Life is ordinary. Gemma just needs to work with her Father for a bit and do things together because they never get on.

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Gemma most of the time causes the arguments in the house by always wanting to stay out late and not go to school but most of the time she gets her own way, but not all the time.

Junk is set in Bristol in the 1980`s and follows the lives of Tar and Gemma, two runaways who seek solace and adventure in squatting, partying and drug-taking. Heroin destroys personality, friendship, family and life. In this essay I am going to show how many ways of the adventures that Gemma and Tar start out on quickly turn to the Nightmare reality of junk. There are many examples of ADVENTURES & NIGHTMARES Now Tar’s life is really Looking Bad. Both of Tar’s Parents are alcoholics and when they’re angry who suffers (tar).

Tars Real name is DAVID but gemma gave him the name tar because he is always smoking. Tar’s Father is a teacher at his school and always keeps his eye on him. Tars Mother never stops Drinking. Tar’s Father is the one who always lashes out on him and states it’s always his fault. The novel Junk, Melvin Burgess leaves a note at the beginning of the book to let the reader know JUNK is true. At the Beginning of the novel Gemma is excited to run away. “Why not leave home?

Its east, its cheap and it gets your point across beautifully” P15 The novel Junk was set in the 1980`s. In Junk the adult based on Richard died on a motorway some years ago. In Junk there are ADVENTURES & NIGHTMARES. Tars Father always shouts at him but that isn’t all he gives him. The reason that tar runs away is because of his Parents. Tar wants to get away form The Beats, Moaning and the DRUNKEN Parents. “He was hurt, he’d been beaten up by his dad for the nth time” P6 Eventually Tar runs away to Bristol.

Gemma than decides to leave and meets Tar in Bristol. Gemma took her Fathers Credit Cards and some clothes. Gemma only took 100 Pounds from the bank before getting on the coach. When Gemma meets Tar in Bristol she finds out he met two grown ups called Richard and Vonny. Richard and Vonny set up Squats for teenagers to live in if they have run away from home. When Gemma meets Vonny She isn’t sure about her, she’s always asking Gemma to call home and let her parents know she’s safe.

The whole point of running away is to annoy your parents and to never to speak to them again because they have annoyed you so much you can’t stand it. When Gemma ran away her feelings were gone but they come to her conscience. “I was going and it didn’t matter who I hurt … In my mind I was already gone” When Gemma and Tar met Richard and Vonny They glued up all the banks Incl Barclays “We got to Barclays and I went up to the door and wielded the superglue” P 84 Then came the two addicts Lily and Rob. Lily and Rob went through Richard to get a Squat.

When Vonny and Richard had a home coming party Vonny invited Lily and Rob but Richard wasn’t that sure with them. Lily was going around taking everyone’s booze out of their hand and grabbing a spliff of everyone’s hand they turned to. “she reached over and picked a joint out of someone’s fingers. She came over to sit next to me” Gemma wanted to be just like Lily but she didn’t know what was Lily. Then came the Junk (HEROIN) “Me, Gemma and JUNK. I thought it was going to last forever; it was the biggest adventure of my life” P232

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