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What Is Information Security? Essay

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Information security is the process of protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. It protects its confidentiality, integrity and availability also known as the C.I.A: Confidentiality – protecting information from being disclosed to unauthorized parties. Integrity – protecting information from being changed by unauthorized parties. Availability – of information to authorized parties only when requested.

History of Information Security

The history of information security started in the 1960’s after the first mainframes were developed with code-breaking computations and the need of computer security which occurred during the period of World War II.

As such multiple levels of physical security were enforced in order to secure the system’s information. Eventually as more mainframes were brought into the picture the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) began a networked communication system to exchange military information. From there ARPANET the predecessor of the internet was formed by Larry Roberts, also known as the founder of the internet.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s the ARPANET became widely popular and used creating possibilities for misuse on many levels and such fundamental problems with the security were identified. Such as: * No safety procedures for dial-up connections to ARPANET * Nonexistent user identification and authorization to system Seeing that more advanced security was needed. This led to the creation of MULTICS (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service), an operating system with security being its main concern.

From MULTICS spawned the UNIX operating system which did not require the same in-depth levels of security. In the early 1970’s microprocessor expanded computing capabilities and security threats and the password function was implemented as one of the first security measures. Information security began with Rand Report R-609 (the document that started computer security. It discusses intrusions, physical security threats, policy considerations, and recommendations).‏ This lead to the scope of computer security growing from physical security to include: * Safety of data

* Limiting unauthorized access to data * Involvement of personnel from multiple levels of an organization With the PC becoming a big factor in work and modern computing this caused a lot of decentralization of data in which networking became more wide spread. This gave rise to the internet and during the 1990’s the internet was made available to the general public.

Some security measures were implemented though they were seen as a low priority and because of the lack of security in the start we now have many of the problems that exist today. In today’s world now the Internet brings millions of computer networks into communication with each other many of them unsecured, which in recent years have grown the awareness of needing to improve on our security. With that realization information security is now becoming part of national defense to prevent data warfare.

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