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What is higher in Higher Education? Essay

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There are different levels of learning in terms of the educational system applied within the current society. Those levels include the primary [which includes pre-school and elementary education]; secondary education [which includes high school or junior studies]; the tertiary education [inclusive of college levels] and that of the postgraduate or post baccalaureate studies that include masteral towards the doctoral studies. The higher levels of education are known for concentrating in the furnishing of the knowledge of the students that had been further established during their earlier years of learning.

Primarily, this process is further pushed through to at least prepare the students in facing the challenges that they are to meet in the real world. Moreover, the skills that they already have acquired during their younger years are aimed to be perfected through further learning in this particular level of educational advancement. Hence, it is undeniable that the said level of learning adapts to certain higher standards of teaching and training for the students to be able to gain the ample level of education that they are primarily attaining from the said educational set up.

Required that the standards are higher and the trainings much tougher, the students are also expected that the students are expected to place a greater display of effort in completing the tasks that are presented to them. Today, the challenge is even heightened as the educational set-up is now invaded by the undeniable effects of technology in the transfer of learning among students. As the 21st century of advanced technology entered the world of education, everything had been fast enough to be attained.

Graduating through the use of Internet as well as distant learning programs became possible for those who are not available for attending university classes. Indeed, instructional made a great break through in making an advanced and high-tech process of studying possible. But although the fact is that, to many students, technology and the education they get from it really helps them a lot, many disagreements between the educators as well as Instructional Technology providers occur. The issues mentioned are usually related to the real effects of Technological learning to the students of the new generation.

One of the biggest issue that the said technological faces today is the claim of the educators that technology is already taking their place making the schools empty with teachers. A teacher in her 50’s who used to teach in a computer school in the Philippines once said: “those lame computers are taking our jobs away from us. The previous eight-hour work I had to report for in my job became almost only three-hour duty which makes it difficult for me to meet the needs of my family because of decreased chances of getting enough time to work and get paid” (Hilario, 21).

Instructional technology simply refers to the systematic and scientific implementation of advanced technology within the systems of educating people. It could be in a visual or and audio form. Today, the most effective technological device used in instructing almost all people of all races and ages is the World Wide Web. Instructional technology is the more specific part of the broader scope of educational technology. And along the way, instructional technology too had been subdivided into two major areas of concern.

The said two areas are the teaching of technology and another is learning through technology (Ely and Plomp, 18, 19). The teaching of technology is merely related to the ways in which technology such as computers and the Internet are introduced to learners as well as making this technologies be a part of their learning process. This brings the process to the second are that is “learning from technology”. “Learning from Technology” involves the usage of technological devices in the instructional process of educators.

Now, it is much obvious how universities and even individual or freelance educators use the net to educate their students. The “World Wide Web sure helps in reaching and giving education to those who are not able to attend school due to some circumstances they have in life” (Ely & Plomp, 15). In this regard, education and mental training are successfully transformed in becoming a vital part of one’s living. To many students, instructional technology proves to be an effective way of teaching.

Although to many educators as mentioned earlier, this factor of technological change eliminates the existence of human intervention in education. Yet, some educators too, think otherwise. For the said educators who are favorable of instructing students through the net, they believe that using the newest provisions of technology had made them more productive and effective in teaching students. These contradicting views of Instructional Technology continue to plague the world of academics. True, technology intends to offers people the convenience they need.

Now even education could be attained at one’s most convenient situation. Through the use of Instructional Technology, many students around the globe are able to finish their degrees to simply learn new things through the World Wide Web. Indeed, these advancements are rather considered a part of the success of education. Although, accepting such changes in the educational systems around the globe really require a lot of adjustments and an optimistic view of development. This goes well with both the students and all the educators who need to accept the facts of the changes in the new era of technological revolution.

With these regulations, the system of learning within the level of a higher stage of education becomes more complicated yet faster in the manner of information exchange between the educators and the learners at the same time. For this particular manner of idealism on technological integration within the educational systems offered to the society at present, it is undeniable too that as the procedure of teaching becomes even faster and complicated in application, the demand for student apprehension also becomes higher in level.

How is educational administration similar to and or different from higher educational administration? Most of the lower level educational set-ups are designed to have administrations that are more focused on instructional and delegating responsibilities that they have towards their students. This includes the regulations that are given out as ground rules for the students to follow within and even outside their respective classes at times. Obviously, the rules are noted to be too directional and specific.

This is primarily because of the fact that the range of the age of the students being governed in this manner is those who are still in need of specific directions from the authority. In terms of teaching and curriculum, the process is more direct and intact in terms of relating to the main audience of the lessons. The process is more giving than demanding for the students to extend their capabilities with regards the said matter of learning.

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