What is globalization? Essay

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What is globalization?

Globalization is one of the most debated issues for quite long time since it has far reaching consequences for social, economical as well as religious values of the different nations. The basic idea behind the process of globalization is the fact that human societies have, over the period of time, developed close contacts with each other. However, with the developments into technology, this gap has been bridged faster than the historical trends suggested. This also resulted into more penetrating impacts on different social as well as religious values of the societies which were connected through the increased use of globalization.

However, it is also argued that the globalization may result into vanishing of the human distinctions. With the world political power on the side of more powerful nation, weaker nations may find themselves as receiving ends and long established cultural as well as religious values of the different societies may end altogether in the heat of globalize competition. This essay will discuss what globalization is and how it affects the world besides discussing its relevance and impacts on the world religions and World Religions, as a subject can be beneficial to the doctor of juris and other white collar professionals.

What is globalization? In its essence, globalization is not a new concept however it has very divergent dimensions rendering it difficult to exactly define what actually Globalization is? One definition of globalization considers it as an “integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe” (Levin, 2008). Though this is a crude and somewhat arbitrary definition of the Globalization, however, it clearly indicates the diversity as well as depth of the globalization as a process.

This also suggests how it can impact the different variables of human society i. e. economic, political as well as social issues. The impact of Globalization of world Globalization is a process where there is a growing integration of the economic resources. Large multinational companies are manufacturing and selling in different countries at the same time, increasing the overall all volumes of the trade taking place between the nations due to better and efficient utilization of the sources of the nations which do not have the capabilities to exploit them on their own.

One of the foremost impacts of this process has been the integration of cultural, political as well as economic variables of the nations. All the so called cultural, trade, political as well as social barriers have to seem to be vanished giving a greater outlook to the harmony and coherence to the world at large. (Moussalli, 2003). World Religions and Globalization Globalization involves integration of the different variables of the society as well as it advocates the liberalization of borders to encourage cross border trade.

Since multinational organizations have the power and necessary influence to impact different fabrics of the society including religion therefore it is necessary that to ensure a harmonized global world, the necessary understanding of the religions is critical. It has been argued that with the increased globalization, there emerged two different and distinct trends in world religions. One is where new, standardized and uniform trends emerged whereas the second strand discusses about the local religions and their relevance to the globalization. (Woodhead, 2002). Benefit of the subject

World religions as a subject can be most beneficial, for white collar jobs, because organizations have now became to globalize with presence in many countries of the world at the same time. Because of this, the white collar professionals find themselves with opportunities to work in divergent environments therefore their understanding of the world religions is one of the basic ingredients of their success in the globalize world. Doctor of jurists also can benefit from this due to the fact that the subject provide them an opportunity to undertake cross sectional, comparative studies of religion.


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