What Is Freedom for Everyone It Is Different

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Freedom, one of the most common things you here in the United States. You either hear this from people who are protecting their liberty and battling for their own rights, or people blatantly using it as an excuse to justify their wrong doings. Freedom is something people should be able to express themselves justly anytime; however, people should not use this as a scapegoat to be boisterous towards others. Nowadays it’s hard to decipher people using their freedom for good and for bad.

Freedom is being able to do as you please, exempt from anything holding you back. An example would be from Your Right to Free Expression, they discuss expressing your freedom in many ways. For school, they state, “You have a right to express your opinions as long as you do so in a way that doesn’t ‘materially and substantially’ disrupt classes or other school activities. If you hold a protest on the school steps and block the entrance to the building, school officials can stop you.

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” You can of course express yourself with limitations in certain surroundings. Since it is their building, corporation, etc., they can censor certain things they don’t want to hear if it is not public. Another example would be the New York Times Article, “Corporate Censorship Is Untouched by the First Amendment,” discusses a YouTube video that was in Egypt and Libya, that was very vulgar, to the point where they were requested by the White House to remove the video.

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This shows that even though you can express your opinion, sometimes a higher power from a government, or a boss, executive from a company will be able to revoke some of your freedom if you were to express it on their property.

When there’s a good of course there’s a bad. People who have abused their freedom, usually end up with their freedom revoked when it puts people in danger. An extreme example of this would religion. People can express their freedom of religion, however, whenever people are an extremist of a certain religion, they may commit acts of terrorism for their idealistic, or religious values. The article, Trump Loves Saying, ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism.’ He Has a Tough Time with Supremacy, discusses an act of terrorism “In March 2017, a man named James Jackson traveled from Baltimore to New York City with the explicit aim of killing black men. He stabbed 66-year-old Timothy Caughman to death and was charged with terrorism by New York state authorities.” Also, another article named, At the Heart of Indonesia Terror Attacks, a Well-Liked Family announced that there were multiple bombings at three Christian churches from Famela, Fadhila, Firman and Yusuf blew themselves up in the attacks, as did their parents Dita Oepriarto and Puji Kuswati, 12 onlookers were killed and at least 40 others were injured. People would often act in a way to please whatever their religion says to do such as a sadly commonly occurring religion, Islam. Islam claims to be a religion of peace; however, some other religions beg to differ. Islamic terrorists were responsible for the deaths of 6,500 attacks in 4,500 distinct types of bombings according to Every 2017 Terrorist Attack, Mapped.

Freedom should not be abused of course, but it is easier said than done. This causes the government to restrict certain rights we once had, to ensure safety amongst from things ranging at what guns we can or cannot have, what items in what amount, and container we can bring to the airport through TSA, and even to doing public gatherings since some usually end in chaos. At the end of the day, freedom remains as it should be, doing what you want without restrictions; but the more people abuse this privilege, the freedom we all once had gets removed piece-by-piece.

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