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What is Effective Communication?

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Essay, Pages 1 (192 words)



Essay, Pages 1 (192 words)

Effective communication is the bridge between Student and the teacher. It is must that two-way communication was establish between the relevant party so the information can be flow positively between each other. Positive communication encourage student to learn more and explore on the subject and raise more quarries for clarification to further understand the teaching topic.

Teachers need to show positive relationships with each other in front of children and parents so that the child can copy this behaviour this helps to demonstrate what is expected and acceptable in relationship building.

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If good communication exists between everyone involved, the child, staff and parents/carers, it will help avert any misunderstandings and unnecessary worry.

Communication is a lifeline of relationship with children, young people and adults, a lack communication may result in confusion, misunderstanding, poor communication patterns and lack of interest in subject. As a teaching assistant, if we fail to have effective communication with teacher and children’s, we cannot build positive relationship.

Positive relationship -relationships that benefit children and young people, and their ability to participate in and benefit from the setting. (Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Primary)

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