What Is E4 Missing Essay

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What Is E4 Missing

E4 is a channel which provides the audience with a variety of shows that fit into separate genres and have a mixture of programmes for their audience. The institution have specific timings for specific shows, there are some shows such as ‘Dog Soldiers ‘and the ‘Inbetweeners rude road trip’ which are shown after 9pm. This is because there are certain images/language which have been used in the programme and is not suitable for those at the age of 15.

This is where the primary audience fits in, E4 shows are for those at the age of 15-35 therefore they are classed as the primary audience as it is targeted at them however some shows may not be suitable for those at 15 such as the inbetweeners due to inappropriate launguage and images such as nudity therefore the institution should think about their target audience in order to allure more viewers.

This attracts less audience because it comes on at such a late time that most people would not be up to watch it, these shows which provide bad language or images would attract teenagers more than those at a mature age because teenagers feel the need to know what goes on around them which is provided through surveillance in the TV shows. So screening the shows at a late time they attract less audience which means that their viewers may drop at night and this can affect their institution severely.

E4 show very interesting and a variety of shows throughout the day and they all target different audience, for example ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ is a show which is most likely aimed at girls who are going through obesity however this show also includes a mental illness and throughout this show audience pleasure is provided to the audience this is diversion where the audience have an escape from problems because the ones shown in the show are worse compared to the ones they are going through. On the channel there is not a show which attracts a full on audience such as female, male and adults.

To become more successful E4 should think about equipping the audience with a show which appeals to everyone, this will increase their viewers which will make them want more and it will be the best way for them in order to become more successful. For example if they programme a family reality show so showing what occurs in a house behind close doors it will attract more viewers because viewers would want to see how other family’s behave and see whether they are able to relate to them, this will provide the viewers with audience pleasure. The shows which are shown on E4 all fit under different

genre’s and are aimed at certain people, however even though E4 is a channel which targets audience from the age 15-35 the institution should think about doing a timing which includes a cartoon or a programme which is suitable for kids over the age of six, children at that age enjoy watching any cartoon they can catch their eyes on. If E4 changes the target audience and includes young kids as the target audience and provide them with cartoons it will have a positive effect on their channel as they are missing a target audience of young kids.

E4 provide quite a few genres however E4 do not have a show which fully attracts a male audience a genre such as ‘horror’ and horror is one genre which would allure more audience in because of the twists and the suspense. The primary audience for horror is also 15-35 year olds therefore if the institution include horror in E4 then it will attract more of an audience because it is showing a variety to the audience. The shows shown on E4 provide the audience with a lot of entertainment however if the institution used a sub-genre on the channel it would fill in the missing gaps they have on the channel.

Since the target audience starts from 15-35 and E4 does not have anything related to news which means that the teenagers are not receiving enough surveillance which will decrease their knowledge. To cover this the institution should think about channelling infotainment on their show where they have a sub genre of news and entertainment, this will attract more viewers because it will enhance their knowledge on surveillance and will also keep them entertained.

E4 provide the audience with shows which show problems that occur in every day life, however they do not equip the audience with a show which information which concerns the social status, class gender etc. This is classed as demographics. If the institution include demographics in E4 then their show will receive more attention because they are then focusing on things that are really important in todays time.

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