What Is Child Abuse to You Essay

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What Is Child Abuse to You

According to me, I describe child abuse as harm done to a child by another person to a child or neglect of a child; this person can be either a child or adult and can be a related person to the child or stranger. Unfortunately child abuse is met in all ethnic and income groups. The fact that only recently and only in some certain countries and cultures the child abuse started to be seen as one major social problems, is really surprising. Child abuse also turned out to be the main cause of people’s sufferings and personal problems. The issue about child abuse has increased, in the last few years.

People ranging from stepparents, stepsiblings, real parents and siblings to employers abuse children. Child abuse happens in many ways and several reasons. Child abuse refers to mistreatment of children that occur physically, mentally or sexually. Physical child abuse involves mistreating children physically, through hurting them, denying them food, beating them excessively or giving them hard labor. Mental child abuse happens when the abuse affects their emotions. This includes abusing them, saying words that hurt them and scolding them in public that lowers their self-esteem.

Sexual child abuse involves harassing children sexually by forcing them to engage in sex, touching them inappropriately, exposing them to explicit sexual content or using sexually sensitive or sexual attracting words when talking to them. Child abuse has many causes. The most common one I think is low family income levels. This is the reason makes parents physically abuse children by forcing them to go work in order to help the family gain money for their basic needs. Because of this, children engage in hard labor so that they can get money. Much in solving the problem of child abuse depends on the family, where the child grows.

Abuse may actually happen in any family, disregarding some special characteristics of the family. But there are certain families, where the abuse is more likely: in families, which are separated from society, have no friends or relatives, that have financial problems, which have to move often, where parents are too critical to children, where parents show little concern about their children, families, which are under a lot of stress. Of course the main risk is in families where parents are alcohol or drug addict, they come from any ethnic and backgrounds and their problems have devastating impact on children’s healthy development.

The differences in cultures also cause child abuse. The way cultures discipline their children difference across the world. Certain cultures punish their children by beating them while other punishes their children by denying them certain things or activities, such as leisure. Therefore, a culture may abuse children thinking that forms the best way of punishing children. The third cause of child abuse involves family problems. These may result from the death of one or both parents, parents who engage in drug abuse and cases of mental illnesses among other issues. This directly causes child abuse.

Child abuse has many effects. Most children who suffer from child abuse experience emotional and psychological problems. The child may display the effects or not. However, the effects that arise because of child abuse may force these children to lose hope, lower their self-esteem and self-worth and may commit suicide. Other effect of any type of child abuse is trauma to the body and soul. When a parent or guardian does abuse to a child it may not affect them at the very same moment they are being abused, but in the long run it may cause them to have complexes with the way they think about themselves.

In addition, it could cause the child to fear men or women depending on who abused them, or for example if they were hit multiple times with a hand they may associate an individual raising their hand towards them as a hand that is going to hit them so the children learn to fear hands. Overall, the problem of child abuse is never to be excluded from the list of major social and family problems, all kinds of physical and emotional abuse are hard to overcome for the adults but for children this is even harder, besides as researches show they usually do not pass without leaving a trace in a person’s life.

Adults should be attentive and caring enough towards all kids, not only to their own families, as this duty to reveal and stop the abuse of children. The best way is to prevent it, for this purpose there should be started certain types of child support services and local health departments, special programs for supporting families and children should be prepared by authorities and government. Children are the future of any society and their healthy development should be the basis of every society.

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