What is authentic happiness and how does one obtain it?

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What is authentic happiness and how does one obtain it?

Happiness is a term specifically defined and scrutinized by various philosophers that is used with deviating implications that consists of different meanings. Each philosopher has an unambiguous idea of how happiness must and will be obtained. The philosophical definitions of happiness are aberrant in contrast with the current conception of happiness. Some believe in Aristotle’s theory that happiness is a complete, ultimate, or sufficient good that satisfies all of one’s desires. Aristotle believes that some goods are not only a strong factor to obtaining happiness but are necessary elements to lead to one being happy.

He also believes that some desirable goods can determine a “good life” style. I agree that everyone has an ultimate goal in life. However, I firmly disagree with Aristotle’s reasoning because I do not believe a specific good or circumstance can make one happy. I believe happiness is found through God whether one is referring to happiness as an emotion, well-being, success or eudemonia. Others agree with Thomas Aquinas who defines happiness as the ultimate end for rational beings and requires possession of the virtues. Aquinas believes that happiness can only be found in God and by seeing God.

He thinks it is near impossible for one to be happy in this life because of the destruction this world posses. I agree that happiness indeed comes from God, but I disagree that one cannot be happy here on earth. I view happiness in the same light as Friedrich Nietzsche who defines the formula to happiness as “a yes, a no, a straight line, a goal” (#44). Meaning happiness is when someone has a chief goal (which I believe is to glorify God) and one stays on a straight path and establishes a decision of yes and or no to situations, actions, or ideas because of a desired path in order to.


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