What Is an Ideal School?

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Values make a human being a person by making him aware of his existence and the reason why he exists. A person without values is nothing but an android and values are what differs human from other living things and robots. Values (such as respect, responsibility, honesty etc.) are products of people’s emotions and traditions and learnt during everyday life.

As a part of everyday life, schools are great places to learn about values and also to experience them. In primary schools, students have a lesson which gives basic information about life and with some activities, teachers can make values more easy and fun to experience and learn.

In every period of life, people choose somebody as a role model for themselves. The people who have socially supported people as a role model tend to be better people. Likewise, the people who have less socially accepted people as a role model tend to be less socially accepted. Therefore, if the schools lead their students with appropriate role models, next generations may be more sensible.

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Consequently, schools may invite some interesting people, such as explorers, writers, musicians, scientists, artists etc. to be good role models and introduce them to their students. If they don’t have the opportunity to invite such people, they can give some homework about their lives. They also try to teach how to be responsible by being more disciplined. In my opinion, rules make people more responsible and disciplined. Also, to make students more comfortable, schools’ appearances might change a bit.

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The more lit classes are, the more comfortable students become.

Generally students say that they don’t like school because they are told so. Like a heritage, their elder siblings/friends they said it’s not something enjoyable because in many schools, there are no activities, art, music and sports lessons and everything is about mathematics, literature, science lessons etc. To make school an enjoyable place, every school must have the same opportunities and activities, such as music rooms and gyms, sport tournaments, social clubs etc. In an active school that everyone participates in something, students would learn about values such as responsibility and teamwork.

If we have to say something about homeworks, as a student, I think homeworks are necessary. They are not always interesting and entertaining, but sometimes while you are doing homework you learn the fundamentality of the subject unawares. Also I have seen students who want homeworks because they can’t learn without them. But like Finland, there could be less homework.

To conclude, without homeworks, students can’t learn anything, but also there shouldn’t be much homework; every school must have the same opportunities and support students to participate in activities and introduce good role models to their students. And schools have to seem like gardens, not like prisons.

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