What Is Altruism And Does It Really Exist?

“Altruism describes a motive that makes people help because of genuine concern for others, to increase the welfare of others” (Fiske, 2010, p. 321). Altruism is when individuals are motivated to help others around them without expecting anything back in return; altruism comes from someone doing a good deed without having to be recognized for doing it.

So the big question is “Does true altruism exist? I think altruism does still exist, we can clearly see that it does especially when we have a natural disaster like the one that many suffered from in the latest EF5 tornado in Moore Oklahoma, many individuals came together to make donations, and their time.

“Altruism has been thought of as an ego defense, a form of sublimation in which a person copes with his anxiety by stepping outside himself and helping others.

By focusing on the needs of others, people in altruistic vocations such as medicine or teaching may be able to permanently push their needs into the background, and so never have to address or even to acknowledge them.

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Conversely, people who care for a disabled or elderly person may experience profound anxiety and distress when this role is suddenly removed from them” (Burton, 2012, p. 1). Briefly Summarize Both Arguments Discussed in Issue 17 (Yes) Daniel Boston, Bruce Duncan, Paula Ackerman, Terese Buckley, and Kimberly Birch do believe that individuals do sometimes help people for altruistic reasons.

Empathy is a key factor that motivates altruism. Altruistic helping occurs when individuals help others just to help them get through the hard times that he or she is facing, and does so without expecting anything back in return for his or her good deed, results in empathic feelings (Nier, 2009).

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(No) Robert Cialdini, Mark Schaller, Donald Houliham, Kevin Arps, Jim Fultz, and Arthur Beaman, believes that individuals are selfish and are motivated to help others for his or her own selfish reasons.

Rober Cialdini and his colleagues feel that empathy is not fueled alone by altruism; they feel that individuals help other people as a way to feel better about him or herself (Nier, 2009). Evaluate Each Arguments Based on Your Readings and Own Experiences Based on each argument, the readings in issue 17 and y own experiences I believe that it really depends on the person. I know for myself I enjoy helping others in need, I do not help others to make myself feel better. I help others in desperate times of need because I have been in desperate times and I only wish that someone would have been there for me.

Determine with Which Concept you Agree with and Provide the Rationale for Your Determination I agree with both concepts, there are some people who would like to receive recognition for helping others in a time a need, and then there are others who wish to remain anonymous and expect nothing in return, those people do things out of the kindness of his or her heart. For example I feel that there is not much altruism when basketball player, or singers donate large amounts of money, it seems if they were true to his or her feelings about helping others they would donate the money anonymously.

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