What is Ailey’s typical dance-music relationship Essay

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What is Ailey’s typical dance-music relationship

Name two dance techniques (created by other choreographers) which are fundamental in Ailey’s choreographic style. What is the chief choreographic device used by Alvin Ailey in Revelations? Hermit songs was created by Alvin Ailey after Revelations. It was a solo for Ailey based on 8th-13th century poems by Irish monks. What year was it created? What dance was created in 1958 and was the debut programme of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Jazz and African American dance forms were a huge influence on Alvin Ailey. Talley Beatty, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers were four different choreographers in this genre.

Name two others. There are three main starting points for Revelations. African American traditional religious music, a desire to create opportunities for African American dancers to perform serious modern dance. What was the third? Name four props which are used in Revelations There are four main themes in Ailey’s Revelations. A) Oppression/freedom/survival/fortitude, B) Placing the African American experience as central in American culture, C) Celebrating African American music as historically significant. What is the fourth? Key movements include wing-like arm designs, prone positions and deep plies. Name two more.

Which episode is being described here: ‘in unison, and in close wedge-shaped formation, the deep plie is repeated with variation of the gestures. The arms open sharply to second position and are held during the second plie. The lights darken as before and the group splinters, though not so far this time, seeming to be more entrapped within the pool of light. Small steps are taken in different directions, placing the palms of the hands randomly in levels as if invisible walls restricted them’. Which section is being described below? The group, in two columns, travel along the diagonal, performing a repeated pattern of slow walking steps.

These match the musical pulse and are embellished with Dunham-style, swivelling hips. The group, in unison, undulates forwards and backwards so that the pattern can be repeated. Which section is being described here? The women repeat phrases from their opening material; for instance, while sitting again, they bow forwards and backward and the men again complement this. As the women, facing the front, shoot on arm upwards, the men, facing upstage, take up both their hands clasped. The groups go in opposite and complementing directions when they repeat the torso circles.

Which section is being described here: The light brightens. The backcloth is suffused with a blood red colour. The three men wear only black trousers. This contrasts in colour to the trousers worn in the previous dance. A connection to sin is obvious but it also makes a visual link in the style of the other costumes. Which section is described here? The music adds atmosphere which enhances the narrative context, as well as providing a clear rhythm for the actions. The words provide the basis for the actions and walking with the predominant action in this number.

Which section is described here? They continue in unison. For example: a step close action with train wheel, chugging arms; a plie in second with arms thrust forward to clap; a quick rotating of the hips with pumping arms; and the pointing gesture seen before. This is varied by the women facing the same way as the men or sometimes moving in the opposite direction which provides moments of complementary design. Out of this a canon emerges, beginning with the dancers stage right. Name the dances in Revelations in the correct order identifying which sections they are in.

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