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What is a Global Language? Essay

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The increasing use of written language formed the need materials that introduced the need for materials that depicted the form of the language, in a way that could be looked up by all the persons that required information about the English language. This was initially meant for people who are non-native speakers, however, later on, the English native speakers that wanted to know about the modern and developed part of the language also looked for such materials. The initial dictionaries were fundamentally a list of laborious words.

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This fundamentally involved, the list of modern \”loan words\” that was from the classical language and the modern British colonies overseas. By the 19th century, dictionary writing was fundamentally recognized activity, and the scholars were being commissioned by different publishers to write such materials (Kemmer,2009).

Other places in Europe, language academies were being based so as to codify and also lithograph all the forms of the language. Nevertheless, this way was not adopted in the areas which speak English, and there was never a recognized academy for standardization in either USA or UK. The dictionary adopted more or less a descriptivist attitude that is very new and was at disagreements with the former prescriptive opinion of the earlier dictionary producers. Johnson recognized change as a normal operation and rejected any change as a degradation (Hitchings,2005).

Later, the Samuel Johnson dictionary began to develop, the spelling system was already recognizable same as that new English with comparatively few orthographic traits. On the other hand, political independence in the US leading up to fend for distinguishing cultural factors. Therefore, Noah Webster came up with a dictionary included territorial, Americans based their definitions to be known and differ from the British English. Noah Webster began to create his own dictionary included some American-dialects definitions. This provides the wanted orthographic difference without changing the important conjoint clarity. He fundamentally combines the use of \”ize\” instead of \”ise\” for the verbs and the removal suffix u in the suffix \”-our\”

The Criteria for Including Words in the Dictionary

By the time, a lot of words and terms in the English language development and thus the major dictionary to keep track of such words to determine to those that are not agreeable. This paragraph will analyze how the Oxford dictionary takes out this initiative. The Oxford University Press has the biggest and enormous languages research program around the world. The most paramount exporter is the Oxford Reading Program and the English Corpus. The Corpus fundamentally contains documents that have been sourced from the websites while the reading program indicates to an electronic group excerpts and quotations fundamentally towed from a diversity of popular illusion, songwriting and scientific magazines. The OUP keeps tracking the two programs to be allowed to track new words which come to the English language. Based on having proof or guide that a new word is used by various sources, not only by one person or author, as a result, the world becomes an elect for the inclusion into the foundation\’s dictionaries

In the previous centuries, a lot of the dictionaries were limited of a list of words that most authors thought it is helpful, even that there is no evidence could demonstrate or show that people had used before. A personal summons is not able or allowed in the modern dictionaries and it conditions that have been applied for a period of time and by a tremendous people, can be accepted in the dictionary (Oxford University Press,2014).

Prescriptive and descriptive dictionary

Prescriptivism indicates to the implementation and the confirmation of a specific set of basics by a foundation or individual. Prescriptivism refers to the attitude where illustrates the basics of the language that should be followed and the norms that also should be eschewed. Prescriptions and prescriptions are traditional, in general, it introduces receipt of knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, descriptivism indicates to the language usage and actions in a lexicographical context. The truth is that substantially all the English language are descriptive in reality.

The fundamental editors indicate always to as how the word is spelled and applied. In that way, descriptive language describes or show they contain words that are used ordinarily even if they are not standard and often include non-standard spelling. These kinds of dictionaries are more involved about the correct and write English. In other words, prescriptive dictionaries resort to promote the standard English, unlike the descriptive dictionaries that describe the usage and the spelling of the language.

The Conclusion

All in all, this written text illustrates four main points, the history of how English has been codified in dictionaries and grammar books, also it presents the commissioning of dictionaries and the reasons behind writing these dictionaries, in addition, it tells about the criteria for including words in dictionaries, and the last point in the difference between prescriptive and descriptive dictionaries.

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