What information and services help the elderly Essay

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What information and services help the elderly

Seniors are people between the ages of 60 and 100 years of age. This makes this period in a person’s life the longest. Seniors come from different cultures and different backgrounds and many have different needs. There are three different categories of seniors; the young, the old, and the very, very old. Each type of senior have different needs and wants.

There is a company out there that provides free information and referrals to seniors and their family about different community and government services that are provided for seniors. This company is called

Senior Information and Assistance or SIA. SIA is provided by the government to help seniors find out information that they might need to know. This service is provided to the residents of Tacoma, Puyallup, University Place, Lakewood and the rest of Pierce County. There is also an interpreter for those who do not speak English.

SIA provides four basic services to seniors. If a senior were to call looking for a phone number or an address for the nearest floral shop or bus station, the employees at SIA can help seniors find this information. SIA also provides lists for different housing companies and other services for seniors. The third service that SIA provides is they refer seniors to medical companies such as Medicare, Social Security, and meals on wheels, transportation, senior centers, and more. Their final service that CIA provides to seniors is the help that they provide to the families of seniors. Some seniors have conditions where they will need complete lifestyle changes. CIA help to provide information as to how to this easiest.

CIA also helps to provide information about State and Federal programs such as: COPES, MPC personal care, respite, medical coupons, food stamps and SSI. As well as providing help on how to deal with loss of health, loss of spouse, loss or decrease in income. CIA also provides referrals to organizations that have case managers who assist people to figure out what services they may be eligible for, help with application forms for services, and/or help to make a plan for contingencies. The amount of assistance available to each caller depends on many variables, such as income, savings, level of disability or geographic area in which they live.

There are Senior Information and Assistance programs all over the United States. So if you have a family member or friend somewhere else who needs information, we can help you find the Senior Information program near him or her.

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