What I learned In Six Weeks Essay

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What I learned In Six Weeks

All good writers continue to grow throughout time and have to adapt to different writing styles. I have found that I have continued to grow as a writer through the English 908 class through challenging myself to write different types of essays apply different techniques and develop my tone more. Through this class I have been able to grow as a writer, learn what my strengths are and what I can still work on as well as being able to change my writing style to fit that of a blog atmosphere. I would consider myself a decent writer, with strengths and areas to work on. My strengths include being able to stick to a given assignment and write it well through conventions, diction, and general mechanics. However, I feel that I can work on several aspects of my writing still. While I am improving, I feel that my thesis statements can be better. I need to work on developing my thesis through many stages, and not just sticking with the first thesis that happens to pop into my mind.

I believe that further developing my thesis will aid in my overall assignment’s quality as I will be able to be even more focused on my topic. I originally wrote my descriptive essay on the beach. I look back and I can tell that there is work that could have been done to improve this essay. I think it was a very important part of our assignment to relate the description into something scientific. This creates a challenge. I was challenged with making the paper descriptive and including something so fact based. I think in my revisions of my essay, that my message of coming from an environmentalist point of view became clearer. I also became more aware of my comma usage. There is a definite need for commas after independent clauses. Also, making sure to carry across what I meant in each sentence was important. There was a sentence in which I described the main campus walkway as the pedestrian which I later realized that it is not the proper use of this word.

After looking over my simple mistakes I wanted to make sure to improve my next essay. Another area that I feel I could work on to improve myself as a writer is to expand upon my ideas more. While I have ideas, I feel I often stop too soon to present a completely well thought out analysis. Although there are word constraints with any assignment, and especially these in the 908 class, it would have been difficult to expand too much more without exceeding the word count. However, when I start English 1A I believe that it will be more demanding and expansion will be an aspect that I must continue to work on and get better at. I think that looking at grammar, many of my essay were improved through our in class exercises and our peer editing. I also learned a lot about my paragraph construction.

I often let my paragraphs run on and on when it would have been better to simply start a new paragraph with a good opening transition. I definitely feel that I improved the way that I analyze readings. By reading the very well written works from the book I learned how writing can incorporate science research. By reading my peer’s work I realized how someone who is at the same educational level as me can write. I learned to compare my own writing with others and improve my work based on their mistakes and their talents. Overall I feel that this English class has set me up to become a well-read editor of my own work. I feel better prepared for college papers and I now know what to expect.

Throughout the semester I think that I became a stronger critic of my own work. Through this experience I will dive head first and indulge in helping out my fellow class mates and allowing them to help me. Different perspectives are needed to truly get across a point to someone who may not have originally understood the topic. Science is a complicated field, and many of us are in a science-related major. We needed this class to understand how writing and reading is an important part of our field as well. I can reflect on this English class and feel confident that my work has improved that I may now a better, more dedicated writer and reader. And the Most important thing that I learned from Ted is “Show, Don’t (Just) Tell”.

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