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What happens if IOT devices take the jobs

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Essay, Pages 6 (1287 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1287 words)

What happens if IOT devices take the jobs? The impact of emerging technologies on employment and Education Curriculum .


Internet of things(IoT) are everywhere in our everyday life .We use IOT in our Homes ,Schools and to do work the ,they report change to environment and give report .However those benefits can end up taking over human role. The IOT which will create huge network of billion or trillion of things communicating with one another ,are facing many technical and application problems.

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The Survey will explore the effect of absence of human role in IOT have in Employment of people and we also want to know the impact of IOT in school curricula, so students aren’t being trained for jobs that no longer exist .

Key words: higher education, information technology, IOT, technologies, IOT devices, IOT challenges


For the past years ago until this day, data has been collected in various ways by researchers, different approaches, and methods have been used to bring about solutions or solve different problems faced by the people.

The focus on this research is to explore the effect of absence of human role in IOT have in Employment and Education of our people.

Internet of things or IoT that is considered as the internetworking of the smart physical devices in which can collect and exchange information through the Internet said yunchen, Longfei, Guisheng, Lijie and Hongbin(2017) , They also, can be put together by other objects with/without human intervention to collect and transfer data, and make a control choice said O’Brien(2016).

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Based on the predictions, more than 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020 and the global IoT market solutions will get to trillion in four years with an impact close to 6% of the worldwide economy Lund, Turner, MacGillivray & Morales(2014). Because there are different time-zones in the world, some people are active and others are inactive. IoT make possible a global linking between the large numbers of people and institutes in real time 24/7 said by Bayani et al( 2018). As Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly penetrating all aspects of our lives, many of us are wondering what impact it will have on jobs.

Problem domain

This study is situated in the research field of Internet of Things(IoT) which is a gathering of “things” embedded with electronics, sensors, software, actuators which are connected via Internet to gather and exchange data with other IOT devises and those devises consist of sensors and processing power that enable them to be deployed in many environments yunchen, Longfei, Guisheng, Lijie and Hongbin(2017) , IoT devices can create information about human behaviour ,analyse it and take action on behalf of that individual i. saif,S.Peasley and A. Perinkolam.(2015).  Overall, IoT applications can be categorized into four major domains: industry domain; healthcare domain; smart environments domain; and personal and social domain (Mishra et al., 2016). The acceptance of the IoT has the ability to improve operational processes, reduce costs and risks due to its transparency, traceability, adaptability, scalability, and flexibility (Zhou et al., 2015).The difference between IoT and traditional internet is the non-attendance of human role yunchen, Longfei, Guisheng, Lijie and Hongbin(2017).standard bank realised statement confirming that they have begun the process of retrenchment to cut 1200 jobs and close 91 branches as part of effort to digitise its retail and business bank (SABC News 15 March 2019, 6:45 AM). In the restaurant industry, firms are using technology to remove humans from parts of food delivery. Some places, for example, are using tablets that allow customers to order directly from the kitchen with no requirement of talking to a waiter or waitress. Others enable people to pay directly, obviating the need for cashiers. Still others tell chefs how much of an ingredient to add to a dish, which cuts down on food expenses Darrel M.West(2015).Mr. Andrew Harries, the co-founder of Richmond-based Sierra Wireless said: “Workers with a high risk of losing jobs because of advanced technology are those having repetitive, rules-driven and routine work”. Mr. Harries, also a professor at Beedie School of Business, SFU (Simon Fraser University) specializes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation points the relationship of changes of the Phillips curve of falling unemployment rates not because of inflation but of technology. Because of the threat of jobs in automation, the people bargaining power drops due to the computerization of work. The senior deputy governor of the Central Bank of Canada recommends skills training and advanced education.

The Research Objectives:

To determine the impact of these emerging technologies on the Employment rate

To Determine impact IOT on school curricula so students aren’t being trained for jobs that no longer exist.

Research Question

What impact does IOT devices have on Employment rate of our people .

How will IOT devices impact on Education curriculum .

Literature Review

impact of emerging technologies on employment

According to Economist Adrew Mcfee, we are facing a time when machine will replace people for the most jobs in the current economy. In the future, cars will be able to communicate with everything from the actual street to the traffic lights. Sensors that can detect traffic patterns and communicate with the cars to reroute vehicles around trouble spots could shave valuable minutes off your commute every day. According to a report released by global consultancy Accenture in January 2018, 35% of all jobs in South Africa are currently at risk of total automation, meaning machines can perform 75% of the activities that make up these jobs. Accenture said that both blue and white-collar jobs are at risk. “The jobs of clerks, cashiers, tellers, construction-, mining- and maintenance workers all fall into this category,” it said. Hard-to-automate jobs (those with a lower risk of automation) include tasks like influencing people, teaching people, programming, real-time discussions, advising people, negotiating and cooperating with co-workers, Accenture said. Similar to the WEF’s findings, Accenture found that if South Africa can double the pace at which its workforce acquires skills relevant for human-machine collaboration, it can reduce the number of jobs at risk from 20% (3.5 million jobs) in 2025 to just 14%(2.5 million). “However, for countries like South Africa that are less prepared for human-machine collaboration, digital technologies may bring more job losses than gains.” said Philips. Darrell M.West(2015) proves in his research that IOT devices will be able to do the jobs of large percentage of the average people in the population and those people wont be able to find new jobs .

The impact of emerging technologies on Education Curriculum.

As the Internet of Things expands in nearly every economic sector, Computer Science educators are increasingly challenged with identifying how to teach IoT in their curricula. Significant challenges include identifying content and scope, partitioning content into courses, and identifying effective delivery approaches, such as the emerging models of experiential learning .Darrell M.West(2015) says in this days it important foe schools not to train students for jobs that wont exist in the future .education system need to overhaul Argues Economist Andrew McAfee . Bussiness tech report says Re-skilling may also ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether the South African economy survives the fourth industrial revolution.

Significance of the research

The study is important as it will evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on employment and Education Curriculum. Community is facing a change in the way we transmit and behave hence there is an acceptance of the technologies to offer services in many zones, with this alteration the IoT is becoming approachable and moveable which course reshuffle IoT. Usage of IoT devices can profit students in education and working environment in terms of up their needs and working together and increasing their skills at the same time same time it can take away their roles .

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