Wisdom is the ability to make good judgment and choices based on knowledge and experience. Wisdom does not come from experience itself, but from reflecting on the lessons gained from experience. Cultivating wisdom is a choice that people can make regardless of age and intelligence.

  • The ability to use knowledge and experience intelligently
  • Capable of determining what is wise and what is unwise (Assmann,1994)

Some secrets can assist in the journey to wisdom. If anyone practice can completely change the direction of life in a wise way: (Baltes,1995)

  1. Overcome ideology: Beliefs force one by tradition.

    Any ideology will keep one bound in blind belief.

  2. Seek knowledge: Ready to start a journey towards knowledge. Seek to acquire knowledge from anywhere like- books, podcasts, documentaries, or anything else. It will be helpful but always one must think critically and be open to change.
  3. Apply knowledge: Knowledge can turn into wisdom only when it is applied. Many people like to boost their knowledge and they preach theory, but they rarely practice what they preach.

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    If one wants to find out whether what is known is useful or not, necessary to practice it in day to day life.

  4. Learn from mistakes: In Appling knowledge, one can make plenty of mistakes. Making mistakes is helping us to become better problem solvers. By showing what is right from wrong, allowing us to make better choices in life.
  5. Consider the previous: No matter how many mistakes made in the past, or how many times failed, now always matters most.

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    Nobody is perfect and failure is a necessary part of life. So, learn from the past and move forward. Learning to let go of the past will give the freedom to adapt to change.

Wisdom can be a target of science

Wisdom raises intelligence and consciousness. wisdom advances evolution but we must make it true. It does not automatically happen. It is not just about intelligence and not just about being smart. It is about having good judgment. It is about figuring out what is good for us. It is about caring for the good of others. All on the path of becoming wise can be done scientifically.

Wisdom can be studied scientifically

I think both are correct because some scientists became wise by doing their analysis in a scientific way. Some scientists do their experiment in a scientific way and become wise in their area. When some scientists become wise then they can introduce some theory also. Scientific research can help us all understand the ancient roots of wisdom in an age of information.


A scientist is a person engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist may refer to an individual who uses the scientific method. The person may be an expert in one or more areas of science.

Wisdom cannot be studied scientifically

People can use a deep understanding of all the elements involved in daily life. One can get a chance to properly gather information. So, there is a possibility of acquiring valuable information and knowledge to become wise.

Reading and applying: Reading a lot without practicing will become a bookworm. Take actions without reading will become an ignorant person. But read a lot, apply learned, will become a wise person.

Observation: life experience can help one to become wise. Learning from the experiences of others can make wiser. Wisdom is composed of knowledge and life experience. Both factors are needed together for one to become wise.

Knowledge: Knowledge is gained through learning facts. Someone who knows a lot about any subject can be considered as wise.

  • Knowledge or Information found in books or experiences can help someone expand knowledge on a topic. It can be explicit and implicit knowledge. It will make a person wise.
  • Wisdom comes from observing experiences, learning, and gaining knowledge.
  • Wisdom is passed down in cultures. Culture gives the knowledge to become wise
  • Wisdom is absorbed, believed, and applied depends on knowledge.
  • Wisdom is enhanced by knowledge and the ability to acquire knowledge effectively.
  • Wisdom is also the ability to use knowledge in a practical and productive manner.
  • Wisdom requires knowledge to choose the right action to avoid the wrong action
  • Wisdom is an internal source of one’s thinking, analysis, and judgment by using knowledge. (Staudinger,1992)


There are also some wise persons who got that wisdom as God’s gift. We can see these examples from history, religion, and the present world. Sometimes they didn’t have an educational background and sometimes they were very young but wise.


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