What Does Experience Mean To Me?

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old measurements”. We might never ever return to the past were what we did has actually already been done. When we discover new things you don’t see your old ideas the exact same way. We include brand-new information that will assist us to broaden and deepen our knowledge through our comprehending the experiences that we had encounter. I saw too many things, I might never return to being that old me that.

I have experience adventures and the taste of life these experiences molds us by being an open minded individual. I can never go back to that individual who has plenty of ignorance.

I was browsing for wisdom and knowledge as possible. When I found them in viewpoint I bathe with wisdom and understanding combining them made an enjoyable account to my life. Using these new found perfects, and fresh facts to my life includes new influence on my existence.

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I would not grow however I will surely have the drive, motivation and motivation to desire more of knowledge. My huge quantity of lack of knowledge is too big to became a marble, it’s the cause that the essence of my presences that stretches my mind to be active and be an open minded as possible. Modification is consistent and previous to my experience they have mold me.

Lots of situations had come to my life with an artificial a priori. I might not understand that I all prepared had this phenomena.

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Behind the understanding I have know is the item of my research studies and the cause of my research studies, often packing can help boast the minds capability, press its power to the maximum capability to acquire new understanding. I can never definitely go back to the quote that I have actually written to my intro is that we or our own minds is expandable and learn so lots of things. the experiences that all of us experience is the fact we are living the life of a remaining in this world that true truth lives and will surely be never vanish Unconsciously we obtain brand-new experiences.

Each time we do our routines and the normal phenomenon we don’t mind the fact that we are giving our right choices, our only one choice. It’s risky to live life but with the feeling of love that we feel its worth the fight and risks to live for in this world. The experience we gain is the interpretations of our lived moments in this reality. The beingness of being is the experience of being a being in this reality. We only live once and our mind is the one that makes the decision with our own considerations that we are beings in this reality. Only the wises gets the best of both world.

Reality with experience is the main purpose of being in this world. We stretched our capacity and exhaust this mind of ours and gain new knowledge. By stretching our mind we can go beyond the normal capacity of things. The beauty of life is going to take up the challenges and ordeals that it gives us the power to marvel at life. Lived experience of my life is awesome, because I feel being loved, hate, and not taking life seriously. I thought at first life was so simple, I only have in that period of time a small amount of understanding in my existence.

Know with philosophy and I am loving wisdom, I made a new decision that life is complex with many things to do and take it at hand. With that experience I can only reminisce the times but I can no longer go back. How could I go back? With a time machine? May be not its only a theory that time travel is possible. I don’t intend to go back to the past experiences my a posteriori was the best so why would I. With everything that I am and everything that I can do is the product of my experiences, they were the stepping stones that could not hit its wall of finality.

Experience for me is cant be exhaust because we keep on experiencing from day to day of our life. We can never stop experiencing, it’s a fact I keep on learning and gaining more knowledge than before I know. I and everyone can never go back to the way they were before. We may not be the same as the past. I couldn’t know everything with experience, it’s the philosophers bases of everything that has happened. Without it what could be the progress of the world and the human world. Gaining new knowledge is the transfiguration of us we can’t go back to the dimensions that we once have reside.

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What Does Experience Mean To Me?

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