What Do You Value Essay

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What Do You Value

Racism is ignorance among people all around the world. People can be racist because they were brought up to hate a certain ethnicity, or they came to dislike them on their own. Either way racism is unjust and should not exist in today’s world. Unfortunately it used to be accepted in society by many people, but the world has come so far that petty things like racism should not occur. Racism might not seem like anything to some, but it is like the butterfly effect. One racist thing a person says or does affects not only one person but also ten people.

In the movie Crash, the characters were all very racist to each other. There were two African American men who did not like white people. They did to the white people exactly what the white couple was stereotyping them as. They proved their stereotype to be true just because they saw the white woman hold on to her husband. The white woman should not have been scared because they most likely would not have done anything. They are people just like her, and it was wrong of her to stereotype. The racism that she showed caused her car to get stolen, and caused her to make racist comments about any non white race.

She also treated her housekeeper very badly due to the black men who robbed her car. That same black man who robbed the car and hates all whites came across a van full of Asians that were victims of human trafficking. He could have sold them and made himself some decent money, but instead he did the right thing. He let them go so that they could try to start lives here. He felt good afterwards because he smiled and did not let race interfere. The police officer was racist against African Americans even though they did nothing to him.

His ignorance cost him pain and suffering in the long run. His personal hatred towards African Americans drove him to molest an innocent woman. She was just driving around with husband, and he purposely pulled them over because they were black. His partner tried talking him out of pulling them over, but he did not listen. By doing so, everyone saw what kind of person he was. He was eventually ashamed of his own actions when the same woman was involved in a terrible car accident where he was the only one there to save her. He rescued her, but she did not want to be touched by him.

He racially profiled her and her husband and caused them problems in their marriage. Because of his racism towards blacks, his whole career was on the line, but no one was brave enough to say anything. What he did to the couple is illegal and immoral. He even caused his father pain because of his racism toward the woman at the doctor’s office. Then there was the Persian family who was accused of buying a gun for terroristic reasons. The family had a lot of hatred toward them because they were Muslim, which is not fair to them. The Persian man did not understand English well, which is not his fault.

He was a smart man he just did not know English. He should not have been so stupid though when he went to the Spanish locksmiths house. He showed up with a gun to kill him. When he accidentally shot his daughter and the bullet did not hit her, he woke up and realized he was doing something so wrong. His racism was developed most likely because everyone was racist toward him, but that does not make it right. He was racist and his whole shop was destroyed; his whole life was there. He almost killed a little girl and he thought that she was his angel.

He changed after that and really thought about his actions. One of the biggest problems in our society today is racism against LGBT. This was not even mentioned in the film. I asked some friends that I know who watched the film “crash”. I asked them why they thought there was no mention of LGBT, and they said because there are not really those types of people around. This really shocked me that they thought this way. I myself cannot understand why it is not in the movie because it is a big issue, and because there are so many LGBT people in America who are hated on by so many people.

No one understands that it is not their choice, and it is just the way the are. Every action taken by each of the characters in the movie was racially motivated. It shows that when you are racist there is no good only harm as the outcome. Every time a character did something good for another race they felt better, and were happier with themselves. The whole movie is like the butterfly effect. When someone does something racist to another it goes on and on. It is a cycle and it has to be broken for good.

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