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What do we learn about Juliet’s relationship Essay

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During the Elizabethan period, daughters had to marry according to their fathers wishes. This was because men were seen as more dominant than women. Women could refuse to get married to her chosen husband but at a price. If women refused to respect their father’s wishes then they could be disowned and banished from their family household. I think that Elizabethan society was unfair towards women’s rights as they could not do much without permission from men. They weren’t aloud to have more intellectual jobs such as doctors and lawyers.

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This was all because women were seen as the ‘weaker sex’ and inferior to all men.

At the start of the play, it is clear that Capulet is in no rush to get Juliet married to Paris as he feels that see is too young and would like Paris to get to know her first. A quote to support this point is, ‘To soon marr’d are those so early made. She is the hopeful lady of my earth: but woo her, gentle Paris get her heart. ‘ I believe this means that Capulet is not totally rejecting the idea of Paris marrying Juliet, but first he wants him to get to know her and win her heart. Although Capulet changes his mind, this is due to the fact that Juliet is extremely upset. Her parents believe this is because her cousin, Tybalt, was murdered.

This is actually far from the real reason. The real reason was that it was Romeo who murdered him and therefore is due to be executed when found. At this time, Juliet is married to Romeo and is also worried about what her parents would think if they were to find out as Romeo was a Montague, Capulet’s enemy. Capulet believes that a marriage and the celebrations that come with it will cheer Juliet and the rest of the family up. Capulet thinks that Juliet will accept Paris’s hand in marriage as he believes it is the right time. Capulet says to Paris, ‘Go you to Juliet, ere you go to bed, prepare her, wife, against this wedding-day.

‘ This means that the next time they will meet will be at the wedding on Thursday, and in the meantime, Capulet will prepare Juliet for the marriage. At this moment in time, Capulet is anxious for Juliet marrying Paris as he wants her to be happy as soon as possible. I believe that Capulet thinks that Paris is the right man for Juliet as he says, ‘Having now provided a gentleman of noble percentage, of fair demesnes, youthful and nobly train’d. ‘ this implies that Capulet thinks a lot of Paris and wouldn’t be letting him marry Juliet if he didn’t think he was right for her.

Lady Capulet agrees with Paris marrying Juliet and quote to support this point is ‘The County Paris, at St. Peters Church, shall happily make thee there a joyful bride. ‘ This shows me that lady Capulet has a positive attitude towards the wedding and I believe this to be because she too wants Juliet to be happy again. Another reason why lady Capulet might of supported the views of her husband may be due to the fact that she wouldn’t have been able to speak out due to her living in a patriarchal society. Therefore we don’t actually know whether these were her own personal views on Paris marrying Juliet.

Initially, Capulet doesn’t tell Juliet in person that she is going to be wed to Paris on Thursday; he actually gets lady Capulet to inform her daughter of the apparent good news. The nurse helps as well as lady Capulet has poor communication with her daughter, Juliet. When Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Capulet is angry as he feels he has gone to a lot of trouble to find Juliet a husband that she would be proud of. Juliet can’t marry Paris as she is already married to Romeo and her love for him is strong but she can’t tell her parents as she scared about how they will react.

Juliet acts grateful for her father finding her a husband but still refuses to marry him. Capulet expresses himself with anger and shouts to Juliet saying, ‘How! Will she none? Doth she not give us thanks? Is she not proud? Doth she not count her bles’d, unworthy as she is, that we have wrought, so worthy a gentleman to be her bridegroom? ‘ This means he thinks that Juliet is disrespecting him and his wishes for her to marry Paris. Another in which Capulet expresses his anger is in the way he calls Juliet cruel names. For example he says ‘Out you green-sickness carrion!

Out, you baggage! You tallow-face! ‘ This shows that he can’t believe that Juliet has refused his offer of an arranged marriage to Paris. He feels that Juliet is ungrateful and is disrespecting him by rejecting the marriage to Paris, by calling her names it is expressing his anger towards her. This will have a bad effect on their relationship because Juliet should respect and obey all Capulet’s orders and she isn’t. This results in Capulet being annoyed with Juliet and rupturing their relationship as father and daughter.

Throughout the arguments, Juliet begs for forgiveness as she knows her father has the right to disown her and throw her out the family home and onto the streets. Act 3 Scene 5 contains a number of features of tragedy that imply Juliet’s future is fated. A quote that suggests this occurs when Juliet says, ‘O, sweet my mother, cast me not away! Delay this marriage for a month, a week; or, if you do not, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies. ‘ This means that if her mother doesn’t get her father to delay the marriage for a month or even a week then she might as well be married to her grave.

A phrase which suggests that tragic events seem to be awaiting Juliet is, ‘If all else fail, myself have power to die. ‘ This means that if everything goes wrong, the only thing worth doing would be death. In order for Capulet to persuade Juliet that marrying Paris is the right thing to do, he highlights all the things that he has done for her. A quote to support this point is, ‘Day, night, hour, time, tide, work, play, alone, in company still my care hath been to have her match’d. ‘ This means that Capulet has put a lot of time and effort into finding her a husband and when he does find a perfect match, she is ungrateful.

Capulet believes he has done well in finding a man like Paris to get married to his daughter Juliet seen as she is at such a young age. If Juliet continues to refuse marrying Paris this will not only damage the relationship between her and her father, Capulet will most probably disown her and send her out onto the streets. Throughout all of this, lady Capulet continues to support her husband and the idea of Juliet marrying Paris. One way in which she contributes to persuading her is by telling her if she doesn’t go through with the wedding, then lady Capulet wants nothing else to do with her.

The quote that supports this point is, ‘Talk not to me, for I’ll not speak a word; do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee. ‘ Juliet is still adamant that she cannot marry Paris, but her parents don’t see why not as he is a handsome and wealthy man. This is because Juliet secretly married Romeo, son of Montague, and is deeply in love with him. Juliet knows that if her parents found out about them, both families would fight to the bitter end and they would definitely not be accepted by either families. When Juliet eventually agrees to marrying Paris on Thursday, Capulet accepts her again and they start to arrange the wedding celebrations.

Deep down, Juliet knows she can’t go through with the wedding but knows it’s what her father wants. Capulet stops being vicious to Juliet and the relationship between them gets stronger again. Capulet is happy that Juliet is marrying Paris and that’s all that matters to her. Meanwhile, Juliet arranges to take a potion which will make her appear dead but then she will re-awaken and runaway with Romeo, only no-one tells him of the plan. When Romeo eventually finds out, he is devastated and commits suicide by her side.

Then Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead by her side, so she greaves and stabs herself with a dagger. Both were found together, dead. The strength of the father and daughter relationship is shown on great scale when both Capulet and Montague households agree to peace between them as respect for Romeo and Juliet’s memories. Overall, I believe that the relationship between Capulet and Juliet varies throughout the play. At the start, the relation ship was strong. This was shown when Capulet told Paris he couldn’t marry Juliet until they got to know each other and se begun to like him.

This then changed when Juliet told her father that she can’t marry Paris. Capulet got very angry and nearly disowned Juliet as his daughter. This is then quickly changed again when Juliet pretends that she will marry Paris, Capulet is then content Juliet. This continues right p tot the end when Capulet discovers that Juliet has committed suicide along side her husband, Romeo. His strong relationship with his daughter is shown at this time when his settles his differences with the Montague family in memory of Romeo and Juliet.

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