What Christians believe about life is up to them Essay

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What Christians believe about life is up to them

AO3: “What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have given more than one point of view. Refer to Christianity in your answer

One can understand why one might agree, because of free will. We are allowed to make our own rational choices, the story of Adam and Eve illustrates this belief. However, those choices have to be made wisely and they may not only affect the individual but also affect others and society (Abortion and Euthanasia).

God have given us many teachings about life, in the bible and he has told us that every person is an individual and is unique therefore giving us all the right to make our own interpretations about life. Nevertheless, he also tells us that we must spread the word of God, this means the beliefs and the teaching of the gospels about the sanctity of life, and “you shall not kill so what Christian’s belief about life is not up to them

In the ten commandment they set down a set of rules and in these rules there is a rule which states that one ‘shall not kill’ this means that people must belief that life is special (no matter what someone may individually think) and must be protected at all costs, like the Catechist teaching. However, the Quakers have no such rules and believe that each person has their own unique situation and that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit, to make the right decision. So that they can make their own decisions about life.

A general belief by many Christians is that one should show care and compassion for all non-Christians, even those who are weak in society, unborn or dying. However, one cannot force this view on anyone because the Sanhedrin in the New Testament tried to force their beliefs on Jesus, and he rejected the legalistic approach of the Pharisees and Scribes.

But, Jesus challenged these approaches and then was murdered by crucifixion by the Sanhedrin and the Romans. He disputed the authority and was murdered and so we should dispute the authority of the Pope and his archbishops and bishops. They must not make an ill-advised decision on life.

Beliefs about life and death affect God, ‘temple of the holy spirit’ and ‘image and likeness of God’. Even though some may argue that beliefs are personal, God is living in us and so he must have a say in the decision. Our society is not longer exclusively Christian and so we cannot make others subscribe to Christian beliefs.

This is may seem a very even case but I am certain that people must be able to make their own decisions and not be told what to do. I disagree with this statement and believe that the public in general must also disagree. This is why dictatorship was not at all popular and democracy is. Martin Luther King was man who made his own decisions about life. He believed that all people we equal, and so he made a decision and changed the way we human’s live for eternity. Although, the bible may seem out of date with the current times and so we must make decisions based on the modern understanding of what is being written.

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