What Benefits May Starwood Hotels Derive from the Introduction of Touch-Screen Technology as Noted in the Case?

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1. What advantages may Starwood Hotels originate from the introduction of touch-screen innovation as noted in the event? What possible interruptions may take place as an outcome? Offer a number of examples of each.

* The Hotel Guest can do notes details of services of the hotel at a surface touch screen computer at the hotel lobby. * Touch screen technology can be specified as a light, compact and simple to manipulate tech trend for today and for the future. * More studies and careful application on the project can be done in terms of dependability, functionality and ergonomics of the touch screen technology.

2. Expense Buxton of Microsoft stated that” [t] ouch now might be where the mouse remained in about 1983.” What do you make from his remarks, and what do you believe it would take for touch technology to displace the SISSY interface? Validate your response.

* Because WIMP interface technology is almost 20years on the mainstream and cannot be easily to be replaced because people find it as a good creation, thanks to WIMP interface we don’t have to go the times of nerve cracking command line interface.

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Maybe it would take time to fully displace it by touch screen tech but who knows; still it shall never be a lost track forever, I think. 3. Is advanced touch-screen technology really a solution in search of a problem? Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? * Yes, Touch screen technology shall do also help for the development of other technology like motion sensing or gesture, voice and eye gestures that will benefit disabled person(deaf ,mute, cripple others…) and also the capacitated in the future.

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