What benefit did the community get from your service? Essay

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What benefit did the community get from your service?

I help planting and taking care of trees which are essential for the well-being of the community because they provide the much needed oxygen that we need to survive in this planet. If every person living in the community would plant a tree or volunteer as I did there would be less concerns about how we negatively impact our community with carbon-dioxide emissions. What knowledge about Biology did you gain from this experience? I learned about how to plant trees, how to take care of them, how they benefit the community and how a botanical center is beneficial for the community.

There is little understanding about a botanical center and what it does but once you have given a little bit of your time you are quick to realize the importance of it, how the community benefits from it, the large amount of plant variety that lives in it and the animals that live in it as well. Did the Service-Learning Project help you find a relationship between the field of Biology and your major? I was able to experience how a botanical center runs through a business perspective which it relates to my major business administration. It takes many people to run a botanical center, each one with a specific task that goes there every day to maintain it and make it look beautiful.

I’m sure that a botanical center would be the perfect way to apply my bussininess administration major and biology at once. Do you think conducting a Service-Learning Project was a valuable experience? Explain your answer. Yes, I believe that everybody should be involved in their community, in my case I learned many things about trees and the environment “hand-on” which is a valuable experience that will stay with me forever. I have told everyone of my experience helping in the botanical center and many people have alredy ask me about information to the program and how to join because they want to learn about biology and service the community as well and that it’s truly a very rewarding feeling.

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