What automation does Essay

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What automation does

Office automation is one of the most important step towards the development of a better operations environment (Endrijjonas, 2005). Automation is considered a sure way to the development of a better operational environment and is often associated with increased productivity. Automating an office alone is not enough in ensuring this as the human aspect and contribution in automation is considerable. It is necessary for humans to intervene in any automated process as machines are created by man and are therefore bound to err.

Moreover, the implementation of an automated office environment largely depends on the instruction streams that the system has been programmed with and is thus heavily dependent on the nature of the organization’s operations. Automation is seen as a means to ease the work load. The office environment is one of the most tedious environment one can be in. The number of processes required for the functioning of an office make it difficult to implement a manual system. Therefore, an automated system does the same work in an environment that provide multiple functionality and at a speed that no ordinary man can ever achieve.

Thus, the workload is managed more efficiently as the accuracy associated with the use of machines is higher than that of a manual system. Moreover, machines are seen as a means to the elimination of repetitive processes, and therefore the available human resource is used optimally. The overall result of the implementation of an automated system is efficiency in the operations process, which lead to optimal performance and thus increased performance which is seen in high throughput. One of the most misunderstood aspect of office automation is that the creation of a new system or tool is mandatory.

This is a fallacy as there are instances where a wise selection of the available tools is all that is needed. Moreover, automation may imply the development and improvement of the existing system tools. Advantages Of Building There are several pros associated with building office automation software from scratch. The nature of the organization plays an important part in the determination of the advantage that the organization will accrue as a result of such a decision. Building is defined as coming up with a new system from scratch or from the system that is currently in place.

Therefore, building is an initiative that will take place in the organization for a considerable time period and should therefore be monitored well within the organizational context. Economic One of the major consideration that an organization has to make in consideration of the development path in coming up with an automated Helpdesk support system is economic growth (Endrijjonas, 2005). The main aim of any business is making profits so as to engage in developmental and diversification agenda.

The economic benefits accrued by the implementation of a system is thus a major consideration in deciding whether to choose or buy. When an organization builds a help desk support system, the organization from the first day of implementation becomes the owner of the system. Therefore, its asset base increases and so does the stability. This trend continues and any additional features added to the system will not only improve the efficiency of the system but also ensure that the organization grows.

Therefore, the approach ensures that the organization grows at a level that is sustainable in consideration of its resource base. Furthermore, the need for additional funding, expertise and support from outside sources is eliminated or reduced by building. The needs of organizations may change, and they often do considerably. An important consideration in ensuring the growth of an organization is the effective address of their needs as at the time of occurrence (Grabbe, 2007). Industry and market trends are not the easiest aspect of business to predict as they are influenced by factors that are beyond the control of man.

As a result the nature of an organization’s need for automation is quite dynamic. A problem of this nature definitely requires a solution that befits, building an automated Helpdesk support system goes in line with dynamism. Building ensures that the system meets its objectives. Learning and development of technical staff is a consideration in development; the IT staff in developing the system get first hand knowledge and experience in developing and thus gain skills which will lead to better delivery by the automated system.

Change is an aspect that is not easily accepted not only by humans but also by particles. According to Newton resisting change is normal for any particle, the psychological effect of change causes a general resistance (Kenyon, 2001). Therefore, organizations are often advised to implement changes in a gradual manner so as to ensure that all members of the organization are in line with the changes and thus uniform growth is experienced.

Implementing an automated system is a change process and any organization should treat it one. Building an automation software goes in line with this and is thus appropriate is therefore appropriate. This is a very important consideration as the effect of a poorly managed change process on the economic stability of an organization is far much worse and often offsets the benefits and is a situation that any organization should go at any length to avoid.

Cultural Organizational culture is cultivated for a number of years. Changing the culture as a means to development takes a number of years (Endrijjonas, 2005). Failure to incorporate the correlation of a strategy to corporate culture and the effect they have on each other is a source of failure of many project. Automation of office Helpdesk services is no exception and therefore all organizations must adopt a positive attitude towards the development of a culture friendly approach.

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