What are the reasons for lying? Essay

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What are the reasons for lying?

It is well known that the lie of the most common habits of the people , which may last with them forever . This bad habit emerging in most cases of fear , especially in childhood , punishment can attain this because they do wrong or sins , or for trying to achieve the goals and objectives of the illegal , the purpose of which , of course, the protection of self- punishment . Lying directly connected to other habits such as theft and fraud . In any case , people resort to lying for several reasons, including: lying to escape punishment , lying to get to the goal , and finally lying between two people for reform .

First, lying to escape punishment and this kind of lie is found among people in general and particularly in children . This arises because of the kind of lack of confidence lying fathers and mothers because of the large number of penalties they impose on their children , or because of the methods of cruelty and violence. They use them at home , forcing them to lie to avoid are built

Second: lying to get to the goal , and this type is also called selfishness , and aims to achieve the goal of a person seeking to obtain money or position . For example , if a person is lying and claiming to be in need of money and he did not find anything to eat or drink for the money even if the representation of the role the needy by crying , or that lying to the director of fabricating the charges to his colleagues at work to get the job.

Finally, lying between two people for reform , and this kind of lying is required for the interest of the good people in the correlation between each other . For example , two people working in a single office and happened between them otherwise , and his colleague the other of lying to each and every one of them that the person says about the other things that are good and this helps a lot as a function of the differences between them.

In conclusion , it is not easy for us to make people stop lying , but we have to do with trying to convince them that lying is not a solution but a bigger problem . In addition to that lying is solving problems in the short term and not long term. As for lying to remove the dispute between the people , it is not bad at all. After all wish that people stop lying and tell the truth in all their dealings .

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