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Top 10 Plagiarism Checker: What are the Best Tools for Plagiarism Detection and Checking?

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Nowadays original and unique content became a rare phenomenon. The main reason for it is that we have free access to different information that we may insert into our copies. We are not the writers but reproducers of the existed thoughts.

On the one hand, it is a crime to steal and appropriate someone writings and opinions. At least, we have to ask permission to use such materials. On the other hand, the borrowed thoughts can serve as the inspiration for our papers.

Each of us needs to be confident that his/her work is original and contains own not stolen ideas. No matter, whether you are a student that writes academic papers or people in the business that should prepare release; we need to know how to prevent plagiarism.

Fortunately, modern technologies allow us to use software that scans our writing and reveals the plagiarized ideas. Enlisting all plagiarism checker tools for free, we might be confused with its diversity.

That is why we prepared the plagiarism checker review that comprises the list of programs that serve as the best online plagiarism detection.

Dupli Checker

That is one of the most popular programs for teachers and students. Its interface is easy and understandable that is why you will not meet difficulties with its work. You can use it for free and without boring registration. It gives you the opportunity to copy and paste the text or download the document. This plagiarism detection software scans the content and improves the quality of the paper.

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That tool has many sections that are addressed for some purposes, for instance, educational and SEO. It means that tool copes with different texts. Another big advantage is that you can check the paper of different formats and languages. Unfortunately, you can use the software after the registration.


We cannot underestimate the power of this tool as it is used in more than 140 countries. It will not only check the paper for plagiarized sentences but also proofread, build a vocabulary, and improve the grammar. So, if you are a student it is the wise choice for you. Be sure of fast and qualitative result.


The teachers, students, and other representatives of the literary sphere use this easy in use tool. Speaking about its advantages, we should highlight that it is available for different languages. Moreover, you can check the paper with the help of the URL. The biggest disadvantage is that you will have limited plagiarism checks per day.

Plagiarism Checker

Free tool that will check the paper for borrowed words, phrases, and sentences. It offers you the detailed guideline that will help you realize its work specificity. The interesting fact is that you have the opportunity to make a unique thing – to check whether your content was published by someone else. All that you need is to paste the text and wait for the report. Despite the fact that it supports only Google you have the opportunity to use it online.


This free plagiarism checker will meet all your wishes and expectations. All that you need is to paste the writing and wait for the result. The tool allows you to check more than 5000 characters per search. The students may also use a quick or deep scan of the paper. At the same time, the service has the limitation for free checks and urges you to pay.


Let’s talk about the tool that works with different types of paper. As a user, you don’t need to download it as it is available online. You have the opportunity to paste directly your text, import the file from the web, paste URL or upload the document. Obviously, the choice is wide. As for disadvantage, the interface of the tool is advanced.


This program can help you check the paper differently. You may paste, import, and upload the needed document. The developers ensure that they have created the product that is suitable for different user groups. You can also make the reference list with the help of this program. Use the software and check the papers and content of 6 languages. The free version doesn’t allow to upload the files because you have to buy the premium version.


That is one of the simplest tool as you have the opportunity to use it free and without registration. While checking your text, you can see that its work is fast and qualitative. Unfortunately, the student may only copy and paste the content that he/she wants to scan.


Among other websites and tools this service will impress you with interface and work specificity. We want to highlight that the platform is free and available for everyone. All teachers are looking for the tool that will make an extensive research; Viper presents such opportunity. After you pasted the text it will scan it and check against more than 10 000 sources. It is especially recommended for students as they are its target group.

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