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What Are Interpersonal Skills and Why Are They So Important? Essay

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Interpersonal skill is the life skills all the human-being used every day to contact and interface with others, both separately and in groups. People who have worked on growing strong interpersonal skills are normally more successful in their masterly and personal life. Good interpersonal skill allow us to participate effectively as a member of a team. Moreover, employability skill can be defined as the transferrable skills need by a personal. Beside with good practical understanding and issue knowledge, employers often summarize a set of skill that they want from an employee.

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According to cotton (2001), he said employers want the employee to possess employability skills; that employers value generic employability skills over specific occupational (technical) skills; and that employers consider many entry-level job applications to lack the required employability skill and express deep concerns regarding this deficiency.

Interpersonal skills gauge as to how astute a person is, as they measure the level of a person’s adeptness in listening to others and the way he or she communicates and corresponds to the external stimulus. In a conflict situation, good interpersonal skills play a pivotal role, as they can help alleviate the problem at hand. Interpersonal skills are developed with the interaction individuals have with family members, attending schools, socializing with peer groups etc. thus good interpersonal skills can aid in her reduction of stress, improving social standing, augmenting intimacy, resolving arguments, increasing understanding and spreading of joy and good cheer all around. Communication skill involved both verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills. Communication is far more than the words that come out of your mouth. Communication is rarely perfect and can fail for a number of reason.

A person’s interpersonal skill may be assessed if the following questions are asked. How often does one seek affirmation or approval from others, yet fear being criticized at the same time? Doubts and second-guess one’s behavior? Emotional intelligence is being able to understand and manage your own and others’ emotions, and their effect on behaviors and attitudes, it is therefore perhaps best considered as both personal and interpersonal in its natural, but there no doubts that improving your emotional intelligence will help in all areas of interpersonal skill. Team-working is also a common situation, both at home and at work, giving plenty of opportunities to work on. Working well in team and groups requires some understanding how teams and groups function and the way that familiarity changes group dynamics. The word team is used fairly loosely to a group of people achieve a common aim.

The next important element is the negotiation, this type of skill is fundamental to business communication. It literally means that a person has the ability to discuss the matter at hand and then reach an agreement in a professional way. An example would be the customer and employee dynamic, where a person is an empathetic listener would be better equipped to discussing the situation and then reach a fair solution as compared to an employee who is uptight and undiplomatic and is not very good at solving problems. He may not able to discuss the matter at hand which would put him at a disadvantage due to his poor interpersonal skills. Conflict resolution and mediation are an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals scares resources and interference from the other party in achieving their goals. Conflict can be destructive leading people to develop negative feelings for each other and spend energy on a conflict that could be better spent elsewhere. Problem-solving is a type of interpersonal skill which comes in handy when people need to resolve a crisis situation. Decision-making is also an important element of interpersonal skills as the word suggests, it has an important role in an organizational environment.

Interpersonal skills are extremely important for both the extroverts and introverts alike, as they help people progress in life. Effective communication forms the basis of everything in life, be it business or personal relationship. It is seen that those who are lacking interpersonal skill are more incompetent, less qualified and therefore less attractive personality wise. Interpersonal skill is like a tangible asset that can help people build stronger relationship rapports and credibility in any organization.

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