What Annoys Me Essay

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What Annoys Me

There are many annoying things in everyday life but some things happen to resound a little louder than others. For myself, the biggest annoyance of my daily life is the pressure that is put on women. Yes, sometimes I will see litter three feet from the garbage, when your order is wrong, there is no toilet paper in the stall or anything else that may upset anyone but these things don’t happen every day. Yet, the pressure put on women is a constant everyday struggle. It is immensely annoying to have the extra baggage, strain, and stress put on you every day. The expectations are outrageous and extremely annoying.

When I wake up in the morning, I am greeted with new instagram pictures of fit women encouraging us to eat healthy, dine on kale, and avoid burgers. Pictures of yogurt topped with fruit, salads with no dressing, and paleo diets cover the internet. We are constantly told to be sexy, tight, and beautiful. Women all over the world are spending money on fad diets and trying juice cleanses in order to look like the women in the media. We wake up early to just do our makeup, put in our extensions, and find the perfect outfit just to go about our days. Why? Because this is what our society tells us that we should do to fit in or be viewed as beautiful.

The idea of having to paint your face, wear fake hair, and dress in clothing that is fashionable, all the while starving ourselves for the need for acceptance is annoying to me. Women are more than just objects of beauty and this is what we need to realize. Yes, it is annoying that society puts such a suffocating pressure on us via the media, the TV, adds, movies, and billboards but it is more annoying that women actually believe this idea to be true. Women are losing their selves through this epidemic. I find myself disgusted by the lack of respect for oneself when it comes to the destruction women because of the media because the women on the covers don’t even look like that. There is no woman who looks like the models in the magazines and everyone in the media is photo shopped, yet women still believe that they need to change to be loved.

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