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What a General Practitioner Essay

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A general practitioner or GP is a medical practitioner who provides primary care and specializes in family medicine. A general practitioner treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes. They have particular skills in treating people with multiple health issues and comorbidities. Source: Their main job is to diagnose patients and prescribe medicine if needed to help with their illness. The also give advice in health issues and lifestyle. They help to treat a wide range of diseases and they can also refer patients to other healthcare professionals for further advice and help.

Diagnosis To make a correct diagnosis a GP has to explore all the possible reasons for your symptoms, and that can take time. Let’s say that you’re always feeling tired. This could be due to many different reasons: stress, depression, noisy neighbours, a thyroid gland disorder, diabetes or a chronic infection, to name but a few. Through careful questioning, examination and tests, your GP will eventually eliminate the suspects and solve your problem. A child who’s described by her parents as ‘hyperactive’ or ‘difficult’ may eventually be diagnosed as having a hyperactivity disorder. But in the meantime, it’s important to rule out other possible causes.

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It may actually be normal behaviour that just doesn’t fit with the parents’ expectations or social norms. It may reflect another problem, such as bullying or jealousy of a sibling. There’s also the possibility it’s an infection or pain is making the child behave this way. It’s not uncommon for this process of elimination to be slow and require a number of visits to the doctor. And even once a diagnosis has been made, it doesn’t mean it will be plain sailing from then on.

A GP diagnoses problems by listening and questioning sensitively and conducting physical examinations. They carry out their role by advising patients and preventing illnesses, they go about doing this by prescribing medicines. The true nature of the job is to help people and prevent them from getting illnesses in the first place and they can also teach patients about health, which could help them also in the future. GP’s are the first people to be consulted when there are symptoms of a disease or illness of any sort unless it is serious and needs immediate help in which you would go to a hospital. General Practitioners are an essential part of the NHS and medical healthcare, they are very important to the local community and there is often a surgery nearby so it is easy to get in touch with a GP.

What should they know? A general practitioner should possess a strong knowledge of medical conditions. Why? GP’s should know about medical conditions, as they will be able to diagnose them and help. They need to know everything about the human body and be able to understand how it works before trying to read symptoms and assessing their problems. They should also know about healthy lifestyles, which could help them to educate patients about their own healthcare and help them to prevent illnesses happening.

I also think that it is important for general practitioners to know about physical, emotional and social issues as this can help them to understand why the patients are becoming ill and be able to talk to them about their personal issues which could aid GP’s in providing more help and knowledge to the patient. Technical skills A GP should be able to use a computer well as they will be using it to keep notes on patients and prescriptions. They also need to have good communication skills, as they will need to check up on patients on the phone and visiting them at home.

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