SWOT Analysis Template Situation being analysed: __________Westjet________________ This SWOT example is for a new business opportunity. Many criteria can apply to more than one quadrant. Identify criteria appropriate to your own SWOT situation. criteria examples Strengths Weaknesses criteria examples Advantages of proposition? 1. Low, attractive and competitive fares. 1. Domestic airline with no exposure in the Disadvantages of proposition? Capabilities? Customers also had an option of advance regional-international segment Competitive advantages? flight booking 2. Tickets were not refundable and Gaps in capabilities? USP’s (unique selling 2. Emphasis on customer service and customers did not have an option to reserve Lack of competitive strength? points)? customer service relationship seats of their choice Resources, Assets, People? 3. High aircraft utilization: a fleet of 77 3. Discounts to its customers nor air miles Reputation, presence and Experience, knowledge, data? next generation Boeing 737s, mostly under to frequent fliers were offered reach? Financial reserves, likely warranty reducing the maintenance cost 4. Limited viable expansion possible into Financials? returns? 4. A strong and powerful corporate culture: newer destinations over and above currently Own known vulnerabilities? Marketing – reach, work culture was fun, casual, friendly and served Timescales, deadlines and distribution, awareness? customer oriented pressures? Innovative aspects? Cashflow, start-up Location and geographical? cash-drain? Price, value, quality? Continuity, supply chain Accreditations, robustness? qualifications, Effects on core activities, certifications? distraction? Processes, systems, IT, Reliability of data, plan communications? predictability? Cultural, attitudinal, Morale, commitment, behavioural? leadership? Management cover, succession? Accreditations, etc? Philosophy and values? Processes and systems, etc? Management cover, succession? criteria examples Opportunities Threats criteria examples Market developments? 1. Code sharing opens new doors: expand 1. New competitors offering new routes and Political effects? Competitors’ vulnerabilities? internationally lower fares Legislative effects? 2.
Operate flights which originate from the 2. Sensitive to macro-factors such as Environmental effects? Industry or lifestyle trends? major metropolitan hubs in Canada economic downturn, high fuel prices, IT developments? 3. Improve the on-board catering and appreciation of the Canadian dollar Competitor intentions – Technology development and entertainment services 3. Unfavourable regulatory development various? innovation? 4. Purchase new planes: WestJet should add 4.
Competition from major airlines for long Market demand? Global influences? new, smaller jets haul international flights originating from New technologies, services, New markets, vertical, Canada ideas? horizontal? Vital contracts and partners? Niche target markets? Geographical, export, import? Sustaining internal capabilities? New USP’s? Obstacles faced? Tactics: eg, surprise, major Insurmountable weaknesses? contracts? Loss of key staff? Business and product Sustainable financial development? backing? op Information and research? Economy – home, abroad? Partnerships, agencies, Seasonality, weather effects? distribution? Volumes, production, economies? Seasonal, weather, fashion influences? © Alan Chapman 2005-09. Free PDF version of this tool and information about SWOT analysis methods are available at www. businessballs. com/swotanalysisfreetemplate. htm. This is a free resource from www. businessballs. com, which contains lots more useful tools, diagrams and materials. Not to be sold or published.

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