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1 ) What are the mission and ends of the company?

Western Union’s mission is to convey loved 1s closer. Whether our clients are directing or having money through cash-to-cash minutess, a bank history, online, or through a nomadic device, our services are linking friends, household members and loved 1s no affair where they are in the universe. It ‘s a large duty, and it ‘s the ground we are committed to client convenience. We work to organize collaborative relationships with agents including international station offices, retail merchants, and practical agents to convey our services closer to our clients.

Our attempts include comprehensive cozenage consciousness plans aimed at forestalling and halting fraud, and conformity plans that work to forestall money washing while besides guaranting conformance with authorities regulations and ordinances. We are finally taking to increase the security of our industry. At Western Union, our end is to do our clients ‘ lives a small better and run into their demands with a assortment of merchandises and services.

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It ‘s merely one thing that has made us an industry leader in planetary money transportation.

2 ) How does it work the procedure of hard currency transportations?

Sending money with Western Union is easy, low-cost, and fast. One manner to reassign money is to direct them online by following these stairss:

  1. Enter the sum you want to direct and where you want to direct it. You will besides be asked to supply the receiver ‘s name.
  2. When processing is complete, we will direct you a Reference Number to portion with your receiver.

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  3. Your receiver can pick up the money at Western Union Location.

3 ) How your company is organized?C:UsersLib7Desktop620466077c427f141effa294382f5fba_XL.jpg

4 ) Which are the computing machine package that you use in your day-to-day procedure?

Western brotherhood uses Western Union Payments and QuickCash package in its day-to-day procedures. Western brotherhood routinely makes betterments to assist better the experience, minimise dealing clip, minimise fraud and prevent consumer cozenage. This release terminates the demand for a verification figure to finish Western Union dealing.

5 ) How do you convey information to your employees/agents?

The relationship between a client and their Western Union Agent is a particular 1. Our Agents’ long term of office with Western Union gives them the cognition and penetration to make customized solutions on a local footing.

Directors interact with employees and agents by executing undertakings:

  1. Communicates on a regular basis, systematically and with transparence
  2. Knows who to spouse with and how to acquire things done
  3. Collaborates across boundaries and groups, and contributes outside of ain map
  4. Physiques effectual planetary squads with co-workers, agents, clients and spouses
  5. Proposes new chances and advanced thoughts
  6. Identifies jobs and corsets involved in the solution
  7. Acts harmonizing to Western Union’s committedness to shared value
  8. Resolutenesss conflict through direct conversation
  9. Knows when to intensify, when to authorise others, and when to take action

6 ) How does your company manage informations flow for its gross revenues, charge and hard currency aggregation activities in the gross rhythm?

Gross Cycle is handled by the procedure that begins with a client puting an order and so the gross revenues section captures the indispensable inside informations on a gross revenues order signifier. The dealing is authorized by obtaining recognition blessing by the recognition section. Then the charge procedure is processed. Finally, client cheques and remittal advices are received in the Agent’s locations.

The hard currency prelist is besides sent to the Controller. Cash Receipts are verified for truth and completeness of the cheques, so updates the hard currency grosss journal and prepares a sedimentation faux pas. Proper mandate of minutess ( certification ) should happen so that merely valid minutess get processed. Authorization takes topographic point when a sale is made on recognition ( mandate ) , a hard currency refund is requested ( mandate ) and posting a hard currency payment received to a customer’s history.

7 ) How does the concern grip with informations flow and services, O.K.ing provider bills and hard currency expense activities in the outgo rhythm?

Western Union provides equal controls to guarantee that the undermentioned aims are met:

  • All minutess are decently authorized
  • All recorded minutess are valid
  • All valid and authorised minutess are recorded
  • All minutess are recorded accurately
  • Assetss are safeguarded from loss or larceny
  • Business activities are performed expeditiously and efficaciously
  • The company is in conformity with all applicable Torahs and ordinances
  • All revelations are full and just

There are two basic sub-processes involved in the payment procedure, blessing of seller bills and existent payment of the bills. Payments are issued based on what is ordered and received. Then a expense verifier is prepared which lists:

  • Outstanding bills for the provider
  • Net sum to be paid after price reductions and allowances
  • The expense verifier efficaciously shows which histories will be debited and credited, along with the history Numberss.

8 ) How the company does pull off the day-to-day procedure of human resources rhythm?

The most of import undertakings performed in the HRM/payroll rhythm includes recruiting and engaging new employees, developing employees and agents for new merchandises and services, compensation ( paysheet ) and public presentation rating.

Principal end products of the paysheet system are cheques:

  1. Employees receive single payroll checks.
  2. A paysheet cheque is sent to the bank to reassign financess from the company’s regular history to its paysheet history.
  3. Checks are issued to authorities bureaus, insurance companies, and so forth, to remit employee and employer revenue enhancements, insurance premiums, brotherhood dues, etc.

Western Union handles employee paysheet maestro informations by edit cheques suitably, such as cogency cheques on employee figure and rationality trials are applied to all alteration minutess. Information on clip and attending comes in assorted signifiers depending on the employee’s wage strategy. Western Union’s employee’s section provides informations about hours worked for an employee. Then a supervisor confirms the informations. Pay rate information is obtained from the paysheet maestro file and so the paysheet is prepared. Most employees are paid either by cheques or direct sedimentation.

9 ) How engineering has affected the hard currency dealing system in your concern?

Technology has improved our concern in many ways because we can reassign money or do payments from all over our locations in the universe in merely affair of proceedingss. Recipients can retreat the hard currency transferred from any branchless banking or nomadic money ‘agent’ ( normally a local bargainer ) . Electronic payments engineerings have advanced significantly and some have the capableness to run into the demands of reassigning money to big Numberss of receivers with a high degree of answerability that must attach to such hard currency transportation plans.

11 ) How of import is the security of your web and what are the menaces and enforced controls of your IT section?

We strive to educate consumers on safeguarding minutess and personal information, and avoiding fraud when utilizing Western Union services. Every twenty-four hours, 1000000s of consumers rely on Western Union Money Transfer services to direct money to loved 1s near and far. If consumers are directing money to person they do n’t cognize personally, they could be seting themselves at hazard for fraud. At Western Union, we value the consumers who use our services. That ‘s why we remind consumers to protect themselves and their hard-earned money.

12 ) What ERP System do you utilize and why do you utilize this type of package? Western Union uses SAP’s ERP System. We have had a really hearty experience with this system. It provides easier planetary interaction which is really of import for usage to do fast minutess.

13 ) How is the ERP system implemented in the day-to-day procedure?

By utilizing SAP’s ERP, Western Union collects and combines informations from separate faculties in the system to supply to the company with endeavor resource planning.

14 ) Does your company utilize e-commerce and which is the field that you need to better to be more competitory toward the rivals?

Western Union implements new service to the demands of the clients to travel money fast. This service is called Quick Cash and it used even from the computing machine. This money transportation service lets you direct individual or multiple money transportations worldwide right from your office Personal computer. Fundss can be sent virtually anyplace through our more than 305,000 Western Union agent locations globally. Within proceedingss of a dealing, the receiver can pick up the hard currency payment in their local currency at the coveted Agent location.

15 ) Does your company uses m-commerce or make you believe that you could implement it in the concern procedure?

Western Union provides m-commerce package such as WU Pay, which is fast, convenient and unafraid manner to pay with a cheque online. WU Pay don’t allow anyone entree to your bank history information, you are merely composing an on-line cheque from your ain history. Unfortunately this service is non yet available in Albania because of low recognition card incursion and low information of this system of payments. We have to do more attempt to inform the client for the advantages which this service provides.

16 ) How do you see the hereafter of the company’s e-commerce?

We are doing a batch of attempt to spread out our e-commerce worldwide. We see a bright hereafter in our e-commerce platform which makes life easier to the clients by assisting them doing hard currency transportations and payments faster and easier and even more secure. We see e-commerce a really of import tool in our vision for the hereafter and for day-to-day activities of our existent clients.

17 ) Which are the Fieldss that you think that your company needs to better?

The updated and right informations are really of import for us. In the yesteryear we have had some bad experiences with jobs of incorrect or partial informations which had cost us money and annoyed clients. This is one of the most of import issues which we have to better in the close hereafter.

18 ) Which are the company’s strongest advantages?

The Western Union trade name is globally recognized and represents velocity, dependability, trust and convenience. As people move and travel around the universe, they are able to utilize the services of a well-recognized trade name to reassign financess. We believe that trade name strength, size and range of our planetary web, convenience, dependability, and value for the monetary value paid for our clients have been of import to the growing of our concern.

19 ) What makes your company different from others?

“We are Perfect”

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