Western society Essay

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Western society

Marie Chiu is a Chinese national who is now residing in the United States and is studying at a Californian State as a Middle School Student. She has moved to US because of the urge of her parents for her to take her studies and later on work in the said country. She is currently living with her parents in California as she takes her studies in a state university. Memory and Learning Humans as individually different as they are, have different terms of learning that actually helps them in becoming the persons that they are at present and further towards the future.

The ability of humans to remember the impact of the past experiences that they once had and the persistence that they have towards understanding the situations that they dealt with before makes them a lot stronger in facing the changes as well as the challenges that they need to understand for the sake of establishing their future. Memory and Learning- THE Interview As an Asian, it was not that easy for her to adjust to the western lifestyle.

Although she has her parents right beside her, it could not be denied that the effort she places on actually being able to adjust with the American lifestyle has brought her stress during her first months of staying in the country. Today however, she has already been able to cope up with the said adjustments after being able to stay in the US for at least a year now. As a cognitive learner, she says that her being able to understand and immediately adapt to the culture of a foreign land.

She primarily used her experiences as well as the moral learning she particularly gained from her ancestors in China to be able to face the challenges that she needed to face the new life offered to her in the United States. As a student, she is able to remember as much information as she could retain in her mind. Most of the time, she notes this particular ability in connection with her wanting of becoming a fast learner as she actually feels the pressure and the need of being one especially that she is living in a new society.

She points out further that this attitude towards learning particularly sprung out from her wanting to adjust faster to the American society. As part of the learning process, she prefers learning necessary informations on the western culture as well as with her studies [formal education] in people-filled areas. She noted that this procedure has actually helped her see how the things she reads from the book is seen accurately applied with the people’s dealings as she sees them.

She further explains that this is the process by which she integrates reading and observing at the same time. IT is through this that she is able to see the accuracy of what she learns from the books. Personality Development Society is generally composed of individuals who have multi-diverse personality and characteristics as influenced by many social factors including philosophy and culture. In this aspect, many social factors influenced and affect the development of the individual resulting to its uniqueness from the general field.

Each person has his or her own personality based mainly on his or her philosophy, culture, lifestyle and others. One of the most influential sociological factor in the modern society is the perspective of interactionism. In this sociological perspective, individuals in the society have the philosophy wherein they can eliminate or negate the effects particularly the negative side of social labeling. This promotes the personal view that individuals can breakthrough the sociological definition of their existence levied upon them by the society as a whole.

In addition, the sociological perspective of interactionism points out the individuals can resist against the influence of sociological status quo in the development of the personality of each individual. Thus, this sociological perspective ideally promotes the concept of individual rights for their own free will. Personality Development- The Interview As a non-native American, her personality has been mainly influenced by her traditional origins and the influences that she primarily received from transferring in the country.

Moreover, she was able the fact that she was able to adapt to the American lifestyle already, she is then considered reformed as a person. In terms of culture and social awareness, Anna Marie Chiu is now more open to accepting the different dimensions of cultural changes especially if she knows that those changes would do her well as an individual. During her examination at school, she remembers taking the Myers Briggs Test [which is an examination aimed to scale the personality of an individual based upon the measurements of attitude that the questionnaires are based from].

As she took the said examination, she was able to understand why she is the way she is. She considers the examination results highly accurate and considerably acceptable on her part. The understanding particularly placed on her being culturally different from the society that she is presently living in actually convinced her that the examination results actually showed her how she could be able to adjust to the Western society through utilizing her strengths as an individual and at the same time regulating her weaknesses.

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