Western Agencies Ltd Essay

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Western Agencies Ltd

Western Agencies Ltd. is a manufacturers’ agent representing several men’s manufacturers in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest of the United States. Jack Arthurs is an employee who was assigned several large accounts and later acquired nearly 1/3 of the company’s non-voting stock. Jack Arthurs was considered the “number 1 man” under the previous president and founder Mr. A.B Jackson. The problem began when Eaton’s changed their buying strategy, and Arthurs openly complained to the new buyer and her supervisors. The buyer then asked to her boss to have Western replace Arthurs for his uncooperative attitude. Jackson moved Arthurs from Eaton to the Hudson Bay account after a formal complaint. Arthurs started developing a negative attitude towards the clients, Jackson and the company even telling younger employees to leave and work for a functional company. He would also start leaving the office early because “he had had enough”.

Arthurs also started losing his memory. He was often unable to remember stock numbers, color codes, product lines, packaging modes and other important information. Jackson informed Arthurs to not go over his limit while purchasing a car with non-essential upgrades. Arthurs went ahead anyways and purchased the car above the budget. Arthurs promised a manufacturers allowance for an older line of goods to Work Wear World without authorization. Arthurs accidentally tripled the stock order for Work Wear World and was advised by Jackson to cancel it. Arthurs failed to do so and was dismissed from his job. Identify the Organizational Behaviour Problems/Issues and Symptoms of those Problems: Conflict/communication (primary):

Jake Arthurs has a negative attitude in his mid-late career at Western. This is a major problem. Arthurs has fought with many of the client’s buyers. Arthurs disagreed with the Eaton’s new buying procedures and complained to the new buyer and her supervisors. The wild complaints lead Eaton’s new buyer to ask her supervisors to file a formal complaint against Arthurs.


Jackson should not have forgave Arthurs after the car purchase

Individual Behaviour:

Arthurs started showing a negative attitude towards his customers and directed derogatory comments to Jackson.

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