Western Essay Topics

Oman requires Westerners

Carrying out business in Oman requires Westerners to rethink their standard working practices. Simply dispatching the companies most highly qualified and intelligent staff without giving any thought to the wider implications of the character of the individuals is likely to cause the companies presence to fail. Patience and resilience are probably the first two qualities… View Article

International mobsters, unlike terrorists

The collapse of communism and the rise of globalization in the late 1980s and early 1990s gave transnational criminality a tremendous boost. The expansion of world trade and financial markets has provided criminals ample opportunity to broaden their activities. But there has been no comparable increase in the ability of the Western world to police… View Article

Western Hemisphere

In the novel, Michele Wucker shows lots of events from the history of the island. She starts from the conquest of the Taino Indians to the colonial skirmishes between the French and Spanish for possession of the island. After that the author goes to the United States occupation of Haiti in 1915 and to the… View Article

Influence of the West on Lebanon

Let us suppose we were all born in the United States. We were raised and schooled as a typical American citizen. What would then be different from our life today? Indeed, we would be eating the same food, wearing the same clothes as we do now. We would hear the exact music, party the same… View Article

Western Front

“No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck” (Remarque 101) — this line alone expresses how difficult and trying was the nature of war for Erich Maria Remarque. However, an in-depth analysis of his work All Quiet on the Western Front would reveal that for Remarque, there… View Article