West Essay Topics

Visit Key West

Planning for an outing or planning for a holiday is perhaps one of the greatest challenges that any holidaymaker faces. This is because it involves a rather rigorous planning process that involves quite some expenditure, careful scheduling, careful budgeting and some level of understanding of the geography of the place intended for the visit. However,… View Article

Railroads and the American Expansion into the West

The transcontinental railroad construction began on the West Coast in 1863. The Chinese comprised a major part of the work force that built the Central Pacific railroad eastward, over the high Sierras, and across the deserts of the West — to Promontory, Utah, where on May 1869, it linked up with the Union Pacific whose… View Article

Economic Histories of the West

The economic history of the Great Britain since WWI is fundamental. Generally, Great Britain has embraced an advanced and changing economic imagery since the lapse of the WWI. This has been characterized by foundations of great economic growth and development with a characteristic phenomena of a broad imaginary in the status of both macro and… View Article

The Frontier. Deep Sea Exploration

The Frontier People are born with a natural sense of curiosity. The need to discover helped them conquer the American frontier and today they continue to set their sights on new unknowns. The frontier can be defined as a place of lawlessness and chaos. In the case of the American West, the definition fits with what… View Article