Were You Born for the Night? Essay

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Were You Born for the Night?

Night persons are often misconceived as insomniacs or people with an inability to sleep. Insomniacs try to sleep and night persons do not and on this ground the latter is distinguished. And with their apparent enjoyment of the dark skies and their considerable physical and mental alertness during these times I also distinguish myself – I want to sleep with the rest of the world during the night. The night owls, as they are commonly called, are considerably normal persons with a natural preference for night time.

Their body and mind are more active after sunset and feels relatively unpleasant on pre-dawn. Opposite to the usual day person who prefer to work and is effective during the day, a night person achieves the peak of his performance past midnight and uncovers bright ideas when everyone else is already asleep. Consequently, a night person will find it hard to wake up in the morning. This condition though is somehow caused by our genes (National Geographic). Night owls are the same with early birds in terms of mood and energy, the only difference is their environment.

In a given situation, like decision-making, a night person would find it easier to do such task due to the calmness of the night. Unlike in the day, when many irritants, such as traffic and noise, can cause the dismay and interruption of work by day people, night owls enjoy the trafficless road to their work, the quiet work environment, and the faster internet browser due to the uncongested internet servers (Night Star). Being a night person have some major drawbacks which I do not like and make me feel satisfied as a day person.

Though the quiet night may be a very good environment for learning, the thought that everyone else is asleep make me feel uncomfortable. Also, the quiet night is perfect for sleeping so I will not dare to stay awake at night. Another point is that, my friends are mostly day people and there are more opportunities for socialization during the day. Though I like to stay out at night with them, those times doesn’t come regularly or as often for me to like the idea of being awake the whole night. Furthermore, few necessary establishments like libraries and internet cafes are open in night time.

Though there are good reasons why other people prefer the night as their active time, or even if they are naturally born for it, I still don’t think that the same would be beneficial for me. I respect such situations, but the bottom line is, I prefer to sleep peacefully and spend the whole day with the rest of the world.

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