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Wendy’s Company Analysis Essay

In the competitive fast-food business, Wendy’s is known for the quality of their food and low priced value menu. Their full page ad published this month in Sport’s Illustrated supports this view. The use of color, food items, bold lettering, slogans, and a beautiful woman helps the ad grab a viewer’s attention. The creator of this advertisement intended to convey to viewers that Wendy’s gives the customer a great quality food at an affordable price. The viewers’ eye is initially drawn to the center portion of the ad where a bacon cheese burger is displayed in perfection. The burger shown is much larger than its actual size. A juicy beef patty is stacked high with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a fresh bun with a touch of mayonnaise. This image could lead a person into craving the mouthwatering burger. Ingredients on the burger have bright colors and are prominently used in the enlarged picture. All of these visual effects make the burger appear more valuable to the viewer of the ad. Plus, showing lots of color in the food can portray to the viewer that Wendy’s uses fresh quality ingredients in the products they served.

It’s hard to miss the bold lettering that present Wendy’s slogans to the viewers of the advertisement. Three slogans are used to make Wendy’s sound more appealing to a potential customer. Across the top of the page, the viewer’s eyes read the first slogan “It’s only a deal if you love what you eat.” The big bold white letters stand out against the green background at the top of the page. This sends a message to the viewer that the customer must love the food they purchased or it’s not a good deal no matter what the food cost. Beneath the slogan across the top there are a few short sentences in smaller white lettering that explains to the viewer why you will love what you eat at Wendy’s. The combination of the slogan and the few short sentences emphasizes Wendy’s value menu is not only low-priced but also high quality like other items on their menu. On the left side of the page, next to the photo of the over-sized bacon cheeseburger, is a square which features a second slogan that reads “right price right size menu.” Wendy’s main objective with this slogan is to convey to the viewer the price offered is affordable and the costumer is getting quantity for that price.

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The bold bright two-tone red lettering adds to effect of this slogan and the viewers’ eyes are again drawn to page. With “right price right size menu”, the creator of advertisement appears to be summarizing the slogan and short sentences that are featured at top of the page. Then, in the bottom right corner of the page, the well-known Wendy’s logo is featured in the advertisement. The iconic red headed girl with the two pig tails is easily recognizable and the name Wendy’s is placed with the image. Just below the logo is the third slogan “Now that’s better”. The logo is placed in all of Wendy’ advertisements and helps the viewers match the advertisement to Wendy’s. Also, by always placing the logo in their ads, the viewer becomes familiar with the company’s symbol and can easily recognize it.

Another choice of the ad creator’s design is to show a beautiful young woman enjoying a meal from Wendy’s. In the upper left corner of the advertisement, the woman is used to entice the viewer. The woman’s long gorgeous ginger hair stands out at first glance. Then, as the viewer can easily see, the woman smiles as she admires the burger she is holding. After further inspection, the creator may have wanted to present the woman shown a modern version of the girl in the Wendy’s logo. The woman’s presence in the ad gives the viewer a stunning visual effect that helps the viewers to picture themselves enjoying a meal from Wendy’s. In America, fast-food restaurants have become very popular over the years.

They are ingrained in the American society and continue to grow. People will come across several fast-food restaurants at just about every exit on a highway and will drive right by hundreds more of them as they travel through a city. The growth of the fast-food industry has been helped by our cultures’ desire for convenience, immediate gratification, and the love of food. A person can go home and spend time cooking and cleaning after a meal or they can just go through the drive-through on the way home from work or school. Additionally, people like a bargain no matter how the economy is doing. The Wendy’s advertisement seeks to reassure the viewers that they will receive great food at the right price.

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