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Well-prepared and well-delivered performance Essay

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Optimal results of a well-prepared and well-delivered performance appraisal Higher employee satisfaction – When an appraisal is exquisitely prepared and well delivered employees are prone to respond better to the feedback presented. The employees also come away from the meeting with a clear understanding of their performance and where improvement is needed. They will also have good understanding of the company’s goals both for itself and for the employee themselves. Improved Efficiency – After a well prepared and delivered appraisal an employee will know where they stand and what they need to do to improve their performance.

The employee will also get direction on the company’s goals, mission and measurements and will be able to utilize these to streamline their performance and become better at their job. Strong business results – Since the employees have been presented and made aware of the company’s goals they have something to gauge their performance against making it easier to meet and surpass the targets set for them.

More opportunities for advancement – This pretty much speaks for itself. The better understanding that there is of what is expected of employees, the better they will perform, the better their performance, the more they are noticed, which leads to a lot of good attention, which opens doors for advancement.

Good Peer interaction and relationships – Employees who have a clear understanding of their roles and goals within the company, will also have a clear understanding of the team’s dynamics and the important part that each team member plays making it easier to have good peer interaction and positive relationships. This helps alleviate any insecurities that would otherwise arise due to the uncertainty of each member’s role within the organization. Pre-appraisal activities that ensure there are performance appraisal processes that are beneficial to the employee and the company Performance is measured accurately – In order for performance to be measured accurately the organization as a whole must work together prior to an employee’s appraisal to determine realistic goals for the year and how they will be calculated and applied to the employee’s performance. All interaction both good and bad is documented – It is important for managers/raters to document all employee interaction as this provides supporting documentation for any issues/achievements that are encountered. This helps protects the manager, the company and the employee from any possible litigation that is brought about by any disgruntled parties. Familiarity with past appraisals – Becoming familiar with the employee’s past appraisals helps the manager see both strengths and weaknesses of the employee’s past performance and it helps them prepare a plan of action to assist the employee with meeting their goals.

Communicate the company’s goals and standards – When employees are putting together their own personal goals at the beginning of the year, the organization also shares its goals and what it hopes to accomplish for the year. This helps the employee align their goals to the organization, which then helps the organization meet their goal. Recommend post appraisal activities that will ensure there are performance appraisal processes that are beneficial to the employee and the company. Construct an action plan – Together with the employee create an action plan to overcome any issues and/or obstacles that are currently hindering them from accomplishing their goals. By working together the employee will know that you not only care about their success but that you also have a stake in it also. Planning and setting new targets to achieve – It is important to work with the employee to establish new targets to achieve. This will give the employee some control over the situation and gives them a sense of security, in that they are responsible for the tasks they set for themselves to achieve. What can go wrong when giving employee feedback?

When presenting an employee with negative feedback the employee may not agree with what has been presented and may become emotional, potentially causing conflict, and lashing out at the organization and/or other team members. The employee could also feel demoralized and incompetent leading to low self-confidence and an even bigger issue with performance. For Optimal value the following steps should be taken when delivering a performance appraisal: Be sure to choose an appropriate setting to hold the discussion – Choose a location that is quiet and away from other team members allowing for privacy and the ability to speak openly and freely. Come to the discussion well prepared and ready to go – Have all documentation prepared and in hand in order of how it will be presented. Make sure that both positive and negative feedback has supporting evidence/examples, so that the employee can see that the feedback provided is supported. Be sure to have everything you need, i.e. supplies, as it is very important to keep the discussion free of any interruptions in order to the momentum going. Communicate the feedback clearly and concisely – Deliver the feedback in a straightforward yet personable, polite manner in order to keep the discussion focused and on track.

Communicating the feedback clearly and concisely will help ensure that there is nothing lost in translation and it also gives the employee confidence in their manager and the discussion. Allow time for the employee to respond and listen intently – Given all the information that has been presented at the appraisal, and the magnitude of it, you will need to give the employee time to let it all soak in, process and provide a response. If they require additional time advise them that you are happy to set up some time to discuss their response to the feedback provided. Offer encouragement and praise – Be genuine, honest and generous with your praise. With your encouragement, also give examples of trying times and how they were overcome – they do not have to be personal examples. There are many successful and well known folks who have encountered roadblocks in their careers that you can showcase in the discussion. Let them know that you are happy to set aside some time to meet and mentor them if they are interested. Benefits to the company when helping employees to further their career goals: Employee is aware of the company’s direction and goals – When employees are aware of their company’s direction and goals they are able to align their own goals with that of the company and work together towards meeting and possibly surpassing those goals.

Helps retain top performers – A company that helps an employee further their career goals by providing training, higher education, certifications, etc., is building a rapport and a loyalty with their employee. This will make it harder for the employee to leave a company that has given so much of itself; the employee will think about what they could potentially lose by going to another company. Helps employees discover and develop new opportunities that will benefit not only them but the organization also – Companies that encourage and invest in their employees careers by providing them with support, education, training, etc., are not only building the employee up, but also the company, as they are expanding the employee’s knowledge base and experience. This encourages the employee to explore and champion new projects and to think outside of the box, bringing new opportunities to the employee and the company, by way of new products, revenue, services or jobs. In order to effectively assess team performance:

A thorough review needs to be done of the current measurements and whether the organization is aware of the measurements and their responsibility in achieving them. – If they are aware of the measurements and are failing to meet them as a whole, then the measurements need to reassessed and a more realistic measurement be put into place. Provisional checkpoints should be established to assess the team’s progress and achievements. – By implementing provisional checkpoints this will help keep employees on track to meet the goals, a chance to sit and brainstorm ideas to overcome roadblocks that have come into sight, and to acknowledge and praise the team for their hard work, which helps keep the morale high and the momentum going. Determination should be made on what the teams and their members need to accomplish in order to achieve desired results and in what priority – Even though the company has set high level goals for the entire organization, each team must take those goals and customize them to their team’s responsibilities. The goals must be reviewed by the teams and their management in order to determine scope, priority, and realistic achievement of the work.

Establish both team and individual performance standards and their measurements in order for the organization to have an understanding of the expectations set forth – Both team and individual performance standards help level set everyone within the organization on what is needed of them to meet and exceed the performance standards set forth for themselves and the company. After all, the team performance standards are merely the individual standards compiled and presented as one. Identify who will be responsible for rating team performance and how feedback of the results will be delivered – It is important to identify and task certain persons within the organization with the responsibility for rating team performance and delivering the results of the team’s performance. By identifying a responsible party for this task it will also assist in the event that there are any questions or issues with the process or the feedback received as there will only be one person who will address the issue avoiding confusion and possibly misinformation. Recommended strategy for the company to use in assessing team performance: The strategy that best suits the company is Management by Objective. By implementing this strategy the managers and their employees work together to set goals for the next evaluation. Differences between evaluating team performance and individual performance Team Rating

Team performance measurements can be driven by the exemplary performance of a few members of the team Rating teams as a whole allows low performers to benefit from top performers work. This could lead to strained work relationships, poor work performance, low employee morale, and loss of valuable top performers to other companies. Team performance does not accurately portray the individual accomplishments Individual Rating

Individual assessments allow employees to be recognized boosting their confidence. For lower rated employees individual assessments help them recognize where improvement is needed allowing them to focus and work on improving their performance. Individual ratings and recognition could be biased based on the rater’s feelings for members of the team. So an accurate portrayal of their performance could be hindered or boosted depending on the rater’s appreciation for the employee. Adopting succession planning:

Adopting a succession plan proactively creates a plan to select and develop the right replacements for leadership and essential employee positions ahead of the leaders exit allowing development and preparation of the chosen employee. A succession plan also help to ensure availability of top performers for leadership positions, rather than having to hire from the available pool of currently available, who may or may not be qualified candidates for the vacant position. Allows the organization to gather data and develop a list of potential candidates for select positions, at different levels within the organization. Succession planning allows the company to take its time searching for top notch candidates to fill leadership positions once they become available, rather than having to rush at the last minute to find suitable candidates, many of which may not be up to par to the requirements of the position. Lowers chance of encountering instability in the organization by having to fill leadership positions with available candidates, instead of experienced, knowledgeable candidates.
Available candidates will not have had time to become acquainted or familiar with the job before the position became vacant/available. By having the succession plan in place, not only is the company ahead of the game with having identified well suited replacements, but they have also had the chance to identify and develop any weaknesses and strengths and tailor the job to the successor. Succession planning also enables the organization to develop, enhance, and customize jobs as new responsibilities and the strengths of the successor become apparent. How can Succession planning be used by our company

Succession planning can be used by the company to identify and develop top performing employees to be placed into leadership positions prior to the predecessor’s exit, keeping the company from experiencing any downtime or loss of momentum due to lack of experience or knowledge that comes with taking on a new position with little to no prior interaction with the position. Succession Planning Process

The following steps are critical in the succession planning process. By working through and implementing this plan for all positions and levels throughout the company, organizations can help reduce loss of efficiency, retaining of top employees, and keep the vast amount of employee knowledge within the company. Assess the organization

Determine key positions within the team
Identify Competencies for those key positions
Select and gauge candidates experience and knowledge
Establish development plans for the candidate
Measure, monitor, report, and revise
In summary, it is extremely important for the company to invest and develop its employees in order to stay successful and competitive in today’s market. A company must consistently appraise employees in order to praise their strengths and achievements, while also working to develop and strengthen their weaknesses. The appraisal process also helps leadership identify top performers that can be slated for future leadership positions as laid out in the company’s succession planning, which works to keep the company prepared for any unforeseen events or anticipated departures. Having a succession plan will keep an experienced employee waiting in the wings in the event of a planned/unplanned departure, will help keep top performers loyal to the company awaiting their new opportunities, and will keep the company running smoothly and avoiding any downtime and lost revenue.

Recommendation to our board and CEO is to implement the following: An appraisal process for all levels of management that includes the goals of the company and the organization in which they belong to. Appraisal development check in mid-year, with informal appraisal meetings held once quarterly minimum for all employees, or more often as necessary. Succession planning be implemented in stages and concluded in one year to replace current replacement hiring procedures. Program implementation of a leadership development team that identifies and grooms top talent from within and from top universities.

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