Welfare Outline Essay

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Welfare Outline


I.Now to expand on what my esteemed colleague has stated welfare today is taken advantage of and taken for granted by more people than it is truly helping

II.Today I am going to elaborate on the economic and social disabilities welfare is causing on Americans everyday.

III.I am credible to tell you about this because I have researched many books and surfed the ERA’s (Equal Rights Advocates) web site.

Transition: Now let me start with a quote from the ERA web site. ERA is the lead organization of Californians for Family Economic Self-Sufficiency. “In the rush to celebrate the ‘success’ of declining welfare rolls, California has ignored the fact that for many immigrant families these declining rolls are not translating into economic self-sufficiency,”


I.The first issue to be dealt with is how mush welfare takes from the economy.

A.From the book ” Welfare. Helping Hand or Trap?” many statistics showed that welfare cost the government an astronomical amount of money.

1.In 1971 over $ 4.1 billion dollars went to the welfare program.

2.171 billion was estimated to have been spent in the early seventies.

B.Welfare fraud creates a burden for taxpayers by increasing the cost of welfare programs.

1.Unfortunately, people intentionally obtain benefits they don’t deserve. These people are committing welfare fraud. A quote from www.welfarefraud.com

2.In 1997-98, 53,452 investigations of suspected fraud referrals were completed. Of the investigations completed in 1997-98, 14,771 resulted in a reduction or termination of assistance. Table 2 shows the results of investigations completed during 1997-98

3.Over $63 million was identified in overpayments and an estimated $37 million in avoided future costs. These calculations are based on the total overpayments that clients must repay and an estimate of the assistance that would have been paid if the fraud or misuse had not been identified.

4.An eligibility worker for the Department of Public Social Services created fictitious public benefit cases for friends and family. Over $700,000 in public funds was lost.

5.While searching the home of a welfare recipient, D.A. Investigators recovered over $155,000 cash.

6.The SSA Detected over 1500 fraudulent applications and prevented over $18.2 million in fraudulent payments.

Transition: Not only are these people taking money out of our pockets and affecting our economy it social immobilizes the people and our socio-economic America.

II.The welfare program does not allow for improvements in peoples living conditions.

A.In personal interviews with 75 Mexican-American and 75 Vietnamese-American women enrolled in CalWORKs in Santa Clara County, ERA found that a lack of English proficiency and job skills prevented the women from obtaining and keeping long-term jobs that would lead to self-sufficiency

B.It has been proven that people who are raised on welfare are more likely to stay on welfare.

C.After the five year leeway to find a job over 53% of the people who are on welfare stay on welfare.

D.Also mothers have illegitimate births in order to receive more money from welfare.

1) Welfare policy experts now recognize the link between unwed parenthood and long-term welfare dependency and acknowledge that preventing pregnancies among unwed teenagers is the best remedy.

E.Also people take advantage of what the program provides for them.

1)Food stamp expenditures will rise to $26 billion in 2002 from $24 billion today, However, as recently as 1994 the Agriculture Department (USDA) couldn’t account for nearly 35 percent of all program expenditures, and people are swapping food stamps for drugs and other goods

2) And analyst Michael Fumento of the American Enterprise Institute points out that a major problem among the poor today is obesity, not starvation.

Transition: There are way to many ways to commit fraud and take advantage of a system that is only here to help. We are not suggesting an end to this helping hand we are suggesting a revision.

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