Welfare Benefited Poor Essay

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Welfare Benefited Poor

Social welfare is any program to assist people in nee. Recipients of such assistance are mainly persons unable by their own efforts to keep themselves adequately nourished, clothed, housed, and protected against health hazards. They include in particular the helpless young, the very old, the infirm and the destitute. There are both government and voluntary or private organizations that provide these assistance. Although often referred to as charity, that is, helping individuals as an act of kindness; social welfare is less haphazard and broader in its goals.

The concept of broad assistance reflects an increasing public awareness of the need to overcome the ills of society as a whole and a recognition by government of having a responsibility in this field. I think that poor or the less fortunate ones really have benefited from the organizations that the government has put up just for them. In times of needs, like typhoons, storms and tragic events the Social welfare program is always there to assist them. They are provided with Relief programs, which give cash payments and goods to meet subsistence needs of the impoverished.

When they need assistance in health, the social services is always there for tem. Like free health care, child care, treatment of physically and mentally handicapped, and various recreational and educational programs which were designed to improve life in slum communities. They have provided with enough benefits so that they could not say that life is cruel or unfair. That they are deprived of the society’s riches. They even provide settlement houses for those who needed shelter, and this has been used by some of those who are needy. There are social services for every member of the family.

For mothers in deprived households, homemaker service gives training and guidance in domestic management and child rearing. The social welfare agencies are concerned with the prevention of poverty, and attempt to develop incentive in poor people and create new opportunities for them. There are many programs made by the Social welfare for the poor, solely intended for them. For the government want them also to succeed and experience life’s goodness and not just mere focusing on what status they have.


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